Meizu m2 note, looks like a m1 note crossed with the MX4

meizu m2 note

In just a few weeks time the next Meizu smartphone will be unveiled China, but do we already have our first glimpse of the new mid range phone?

Over in India fans might just be getting their hands on the Meizu m1 note, but in China Meizu loyalists are patiently waiting for a 2nd June M2 note launch. It’s a strange situation for a phone maker to launch a replacement for a phone which is less than 6 months old, and we are not entirely sure why Meizu are doing it (but there are rumours) but here it is.

So what about this new Meizu? Well we know for a fact that it’s physical home button will not have a fingerprint scanner as Meizu boss Li Nan has said this (although he never actually mentioned a new phone would be launching). We also feel the phone will have a Mediatek chipset, at least 2GB RAM and a 13 mega-pixel main camera.

As for the design, well the image above claims the Meizu m2 note will look like a cross between the current Meizu MX4 and the m1 note. This could mean a full alloy unibody, which would actually make a lot of sense, or simply a plastic body with metal finish.

In addition to the Meizu m2 note, a Meizu MX5 is also rumoured to make an appearance at a launch date on the 30th June, however Meizu have not announced details of this just yet.

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