Purported leaked images of a 9.7-inch Intel powered Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

Purported leaked images of a 9.7-inch Intel powered Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

xiaomi mi pad 2 leaked

The original 7.9-inch Mi Pad has been on sale for well over a year already and a new model is well overdue, but could this 9.7-inch leaked Mi Pad 2 be the real deal?

Weibo user @KJuma is usually pretty accurate when it comes to leaks and tips, so when he posts images of a 9.7-inch tablet he claims is the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 the Chinese tech media take notice.

The Weibo tipster says the Mi Pad 2 will come with a larger 9.7-inch 2K display, Intel Cherry Trail 14nm processor, between 3-4GB RAM and will be a dual-boot device capable of running Android 5.0 Lollipop or Windows 10 out of the box.

Looking at the images though I’m not really convinced that these photos show the next generation Mi Pad. Sure a new Mi Pad is probably due sometime this Autumn, but I have a feeling that these images a false lead and Xiaomi actually have a different design up their sleeves. Regarding Windows and Android running on the tablet, well that is more believable after seeing Xiaomi and Microsoft work together on the Xiaomi Mi4.

xiaomi mi pad 2 leaked

What are your opinions on these leaks and a 2nd generation Xiaomi Mi Pad?

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    plz be cheap?

    • Dante

      It wont be – xiaomi dont make so bad designs – look at the ipad4-ish bezels!
      Maybe the original one will look better

      • Muhammad Yasir

        yeah … never trust leaks

        • Dante

          Even my pee leak that its telling me to wipe it off?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            eww …
            that’s a hell lot different , dontcha think ?!

            • Dante

              Nah , basically the same thing – Big companies often leave their pants zipper open – so you know leakers usually take a peek at their … Leak?

            • Muhammad Yasir

              disgusting … but i get the point :/

    • balcobomber25

      If I remember correctly the original one launched at around $250 US, so that’s probably a good starting point for how much this one will cost.

    • joe mont

      Intel was subsidizing their chips, thats slowly ending as prices of newer tablets go up. They spent 4 billion on subsidies last year.

      The Windows/Intel monopoly are hopefully dead though.

  • Uzeir Mansuri

    looks photoshopped

  • Rob

    Since these specs with the cherry trail processor are the norm at the moment this could be legitimate since it makes sense to release a dual boot system in the current market.

  • highwind

    Common hardware config, huge bezels and late availability… sounds like a true Xiaomi!

    • you want large bezels on a tab! how else are you gonna hold it?

  • AbdulB1


  • Stef

    Cherry trail? Paaass, this chip is barely better than Snapdragon 801 (at its best) and it is beaten pretty much by any and every modern SoC in existence. If they were so set to use x86, core-M is the better choice (even though windows at sub 10 inches remains a special version of hell, surface pro size should be the minimum for Windows machines)…

  • peters

    total fake jajaja

  • NightFelix

    I still love my Nvidia K1 based SoC on my 1st MiPad I just bought last weeks ago with clearance sales promo 119$

    • Tajwar

      thats nice man

  • balcobomber25

    I have been using the same tablet since 2012, original Nexus 7. I have yet to find one that actually made me want to replace it. This is probably a fake, but a real new Mi Pad would entice me to replace the old girl.

  • Tajwar

    It’s Ugly=Not Xiaomi design

  • Tajwar

    Could be a Oneplus 8 tab…….Anyone?