New Chuwi 2in1 tablet Hi10 Pro launches on August 15th

New Chuwi 2in1 tablet Hi10 Pro launches on August 15th

CHuwi Hi10 Pro

Newest 2in1 tablet from Chuwi, the Hi10 Pro, is set to launch on August 15th and it will be quite an interesting addition to the already existing lineup. Especially with dual-design and Remix OS 2.0 as the secondary system as much as the very reasonable $199 retail price.

The new Chuwi Hi10 Pro will have a  10,1-inch display with the FHD resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels, aspect ration 16:10) and the Intel Atom x5 processor, almost surely the weakest Z8300 though. But still offering 4 GB DDR3L RAM, 64 GB of storage, full metal 8,5 mm thin body, USB Type-C 3.0, 6500 mAh Li-Pol battery and 5V/3A quick charging support. Optional keyboard dock is also available and as usual it’s going to be pretty much a mandatory extra accessory to buy. And for the really demanding ones even the Chuwi HiPen H2 stylus will be an option.

As mentioned before the tablet will be running a dual-boot system with Windows 10 and Remix OS 2.0 hand in hand. Especially the Remix 2.0 OS based on Android 5.1 Lollipop is a really fresh breath of air into the stale scene and i can’t recommend it enough. Such package for the $199 looks really good so look out for the Chuwi Hi10 Pro in few days.

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  • Mehmet Karatas

    i think chuwi kidding us, they use in all tablets z8300. if they want to get reliable user its better to bring out an tablet with m or x7 SoC

  • Riccardo Benzoni

    z8300 for tablets = mt6753 for smartphones, hopefully we will see less products with both of them in the future.

    • Stef

      It’s actually worse. It literally is worse in performance but given that it also has to do far more things than a phone SoC, it’s actually despicable. I know people being happy with their Z8300 tablets but that’s only because they do very basic things, once you start (trying) to use it as a regular laptop the whole thing comes tumbling down.

      It needs the patience that operating a netbook used to, only it’s worse because the added layer of touch actually lead to frequent lock ups when ram’s at the limit and paging is used. It’s a frustrating experience to try to use it as a computer, and in mere tablet use, it’s still far from a speed demon.

      The good news is that the upswell of 2in1s seems to be drying up. Finally an army of ultrabook is coming along in only slightly higher prices ($500 for Mi air base model) but faaar more useful.

      I think Chinese companies should leave 2in1s to Microsoft, I think they’re the only to do it well, and even them struggle when compared to a (far) cheaper ultrabook.

      • Joe manana

        Once AMD’s Zen is released I’m sure we will see a larger number of quad-core Ultrabooks for cheap.

      • balcobomber25

        The Z8300 is only meant for basic things, anyone who needs a full fledged laptop should get a full laptop and not a budget tablet. An Ultrabook is more useful for some, but not everyone. For me personally a cheap in 2 in 1 is far more useful than an Ultrabook for the mere fact that I can use it as an Android Tablet when I don’t need full Windows.

        Microsoft does a very good job with their 2 in 1’s but they also cost upwards of $700. Chinese companies should continue what they are doing and offering affordable alternatives. Several of them are starting to launch Core M3 2 in 1’s that are hundreds cheaper than the Core M3 Surface.

        • Stef

          Ζ8300 gives you the value of a $50 android tablet for $200, it’s a highway robbery…

          • balcobomber25

            To you the value is determined by the SoC and nothing else, to me it’s about the whole package.

            • Stef

              When the SoC is so underwhelming it diminishes the whole package by a lot. Android x86 is not the best and it diminishes further by low end SoCs, Windows machines running atoms are a frustrating experience too.

              It’s 2016’s netbook. Slow, little battery and doubtful usefulness…

            • balcobomber25

              Again SoC is a primary concern to you, for me it is not.

            • Stef

              It is to you too. You just don’t want to admit it so you’re going to buy something 4 times its worth to do things you could do far cheaper. Intel rejoices.

              At that price an SD652 tablet would have twice the battery life and twice the performance … you know unimportant stuff. Let’s pay mythic amounts of money to talentless hacks…

            • balcobomber25

              It is of very little concern to me but I do like how you think your opinion is the only one that can be correct. To me $200 and under is very far from “mythic amounts of money”.

            • Stef

              I honestly don’t believe that. Which is why I rarely express my opinions. The fact that Z8300 is probably the worse SoC out there is testament of measurements, not “my opinion”

              The fact that it holds half the battery and performance of SD652 is -again- not an opinion.

              What can be said that it is an opinion is the belief that it does not counteract a good experience. But that’s hardly an opinion, only a tiny minority seeks significantly less performance and battery for more money.

              Most of the times the opinion I’m injecting is tiny, the rest is facts. Now call me crazy but I think the majority opinion is the one supported by facts.

              Of course if people are not presented with facts they (often) buy blind. So indeed it can be the case that they will buy a worse product. But once you do know the facts I honestly can’t understand the reasons behind paying bad engineering…

              In other words if you go intel avoid the atom line. There is a reason why Intel discontinued it, it’s one of their worse lines to date, always losing badly to similarly powered components.

            • balcobomber25

              It is your opinion that the Z8300 being “the worst SoC” matters to me, it does not. I do very basic things on my tablet, things that Z8300 is more than powerful enough for.

              “only a tiny minority seeks significantly less performance and battery for more money.” You keep mentioning more money but you have yet to show a tablet with a SD652 like you keep mentioning that is cheaper. In order for something to cost more there has to be something that costs less.

              All the time the opinion you are injecting is huge and you think that you’re opinion is a fact, you often get those two confused. It is your opinion that I am paying for “bad engineering”. It is my opinion that I am paying for a lot more than just a SoC.

              In other words the SoC is the least of my concerns when buying a tablet.

            • Stef

              SD652 phones are cheaper. The only reason that SD652 tablets are not equally so is because they are not produced by the Chinese. Instead they prefer the awful Z8300.

              SD652 >>> Z8300. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. The idea that people like slow SoCs/tablets for more money is an opinion, it goes directly against human experience in pretty much anything.

              Another fact: if you can produce a SoC (for the same money) that produces half the performance for almost twice the TDP then you are a bad engineer.

              Now if you keep paying those engineers, you are paying bad engineering. This is not an opinion, this is literally how it is.

              If I keep paying an “expert” who fumbles his work , I’m paying for a guy who is bad at his work. It’s very simple really.

            • balcobomber25

              Phones and Tablets are two different product categories, comparing them is useless. If I am shopping for a tablet, which I currently am, a phone is of no use to me.

              SD652 —- Not in Tablets. That’s not an opinion it is a fact.

            • Stef

              Tablets have higher needs than phones. Low performance is a frustrating experience on phones, doubly so on tablets.

              For a time I had the Note 3 and the Note 10.1 tablet (same specs). The tablet would lag far more as it had to draw much more things at any given time (similar DPI in a bigger screen means more draw calls)…

              So using a weak chip on a tablet actually make things even worse than if you used it on a phone. Again, that’s because of the smaller screen and thus less things to draw.

              That’s another fact BTW. So we now have two: SD652 murders Z8300 *and* tablets make more draw calls at any given moment, make the difference even more exaggerated.

              Now if you want to discard solid advice, be my guest, make the mistake and learn from the consequences.

            • balcobomber25

              Another fact is there are very few SD652 tables and not a single one that runs Windows.

            • Stef

              Of course there’s not a single one that supports Windows, Windows dropped support for ARM. It’s also a very bad OS for touch as it lacks 90% of the apps that Android/iOS has. But like I said in older posts you’re free to choose bad engineering.

            • balcobomber25

              So if there isn’t a single one for Windows, there is no point arguing about it. Windows 10 is the best OS for productivity which is why a lot of people use Windows Tablets.

            • Stef

              Which returns you to my point. If you want productivity why in the hell buy an atom equipped , 10 incher. Don’t you see that you waste Windows 10 like that?

              I’m still unclear what you want. A Z8300 equipped tablet is bad, better go to far cheaper solutions.

              If you want a laptop for productivity prefer an ultra book. Even the cheap one from Xiaomi is 10 times better despite only being $500 , than any of those cheap 2in1s. Don’t -waste-your-money on something that is good as neither a tablet nor a productive machine, that’s my main point.

              IF finally you want a 2in1 buy Surface Pro, it’s *really* the only game in town, every other 2in1 is several steps down…

            • balcobomber25

              My Atom based tablet is perfect for productivity. I don’t need a much more expensive ultrabook that is wasting my money.

              The Surface Pro costs nearly 10x what my Atom tablet does. For what I use my tablet for it is a waste of money. A Ferrari has one of the best engines in the world, most people don’t need that much power or don’t want to spend that much on a car. But by your logic the only choice for people is a Ferarri. That’s how idiotic your logic on this sounds. In your mind the only spec that matters on a phone/tablet is how powerful it is.

  • balcobomber25

    I know the z8300 isn’t the best, but how is Chuwi as a brand? If I was in the market for a new 2 in 1 would anyone here recommend Chuwi, Cube or Teclast? Those seem to be the three brands I like the most, but compared to phones I know very little about tablets.

    • Tremaine Underwood

      I have had the Cube talk 9x now for over 2 years. My brother has had one for the same time frame. The build quality is excellent. Its been a pleasure to work with, no issues. They haven’t upgraded from KitKat, but that doesn’t really bother me. There have only been 2 updates that came through pretty early on. Nothing since though and there official firmware download page is is Chinese. Luckily there are some custom roms floating around..From what I have read around the place Cube kinda leads the pack for build quality. While Chuwi leads with pricing and there build qaulitity suffers a little. I saw an unboxing where the screws in the keyboard fell out(Hi12). I have ordered a Hi12 and should get it in the next week or 2. It was about $50 cheaper than a cube equivalent and the screen is better(old Surface Pro 3 screen). So I am hoping my gamble pays off :-). TechTablets compares all these tablets.

    • Rob

      Depends what you want from the tablet, got a friend a Teclast with the MT6752 that has amazing battery life and excellent performance. I’ve also had the Teclast x2 (rubbish screen in my opinion) and currently have the cube i9. Although not perfect the build is great, screen is good and runs nice and smooth. I didn’t want an atom as I’ve had one and it wasn’t the greatest, so really it’s partly down to your expectation.

      • balcobomber25

        It’s mostly gonna be used for work, so I don’t really care if it has an Atom or not. Mostly I am looking for a brand with decent build quality/support. I would also prefer a dual boot, I’ll use Windows mostly but would be nice to have Android.

    • highwind

      Built-wise Cube is usually the best, Teclast and Chuwi are a little behind but still ok… just avoid Onda

    • Quartet

      You don’t know much about phones either, so don’t feel too bad about not knowing much about tablets dinlo.

      • Stef

        Hehe, classic trolling…

      • balcobomber25

        If you say so sport.

      • LastButOne

        lol, I nearly spit out my coffee…..

    • NextHype

      Cube and Teclast are on par as their tablets build quality is equivalent. Chuwi is clearly behind.

      Best Cube serie is Cube Ix (I7 – I9 – I10) with Core M and Wacom Stylus
      Best Teclast serie is X98 (AIR, AIR II, etc…) with Atom X5

      It seems their “2 in 1” series are on par, but I don’t really know as i only own I7 and X98 AIR models. BTW you should check

      • balcobomber25

        Yea I found his site the other day been watching some of his reviews and checking out the forums. I never really got into tablets in the past like I did with phones. I only had two tablets a Nexus 7 for about 3 years and I bought a MiPad 2 last year.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    what a DUMBASS move !

    Chuwi , you NUMBSKULLS , move to making some KILLER laptops !

    how about a CHEAP Gaming Laptop for $800 ?! which guarantees ATLEAST 40+ STABLE fps and high settings on AAA titles slated for 2017 release ( e.g Ghost Recon : Wildlands ).

    Now , THAT is something the WHOLE WORLD will flock to buy !

    • _jack_

      comparing sub-200USD tablets with gaming laptops doesn’t make much sense 😉
      Me persionally, I don’t know if I would import sth that expensive from China :S

    • balcobomber25

      There’s enough companies making gaming laptops. I would prefer they continue to do what they are doing and make affordable 2 in 1 tablets that are getting closer and closer to rivaling the Microsoft Surface.


    Impressive.. Worth buying

  • justyfier

    battery to small

  • Love

    The Cube Iwork10 Ultimate 64GB IMO is about the best cheap 10 incher. I have the Hi10 also but cube build much better. It fulfills my needs of browsing, sending emails, streaming porn while traveling very well. When not on the road its my bedside Kodi centre and also does that well. I watch porn mostly