UMI London vs. iPhone 6S battery endurance test

UMI London

Neverending story continues with another chapter fueled by the Apple fascination and the title song beats to the rhytm of budget UMI London trying desperately to be compared with the iPhone 6s. And even though it’s tricky it managed to find a niche area where it can stand a chance.

Yes i’m talking about the battery endurance test, because even the highend phones are somewhat limited in that matter. So if you take a measured 5-hour long test containing all the usual things like web browsing, video and audio playback, gaming or camera usage even the budget crawler can try to take on the king, or maybe at least a prince.


And surprise surprise in such a test the UMI London surpassed the iPhone 6s result with the battery level at 42 % , while the Apple’s wonder dropped to 32 %. Sure, we are comparing apples and oranges (somewhat literally…), different systems and battery capacities (2050 mAh vs 1715 mAh in favor of the UMI London), but in the great name of marketing anything can fly.

Oh and of course there is yet another are where the UMI London takes the win with ease. With just $59.99 retail price it’s light years ahead in terms of affordability. And if you want to know more about it then just take a look at this link.

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