Xiaomi’s MiPad 3 leaks out, no Android variant in sight

Xiaomi’s MiPad 3 leaks out, no Android variant in sight


Xiaomi isn’t nearly as aggressive in the tablet market as it is with its smartphones. Their last tablet the MiPad 2 was fairly average, and failed to stand out amongst the competition. Now Xiaomi seems to hope they can come back swinging with the recently leaked MiPad 3.

These leaked slides detail quite a bit of the Xiaomi MiPad 3’s specifications. The device is said to have a 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 IPS display. Other than that, the tablet is said to measure only 6.08mm, and it may also come with a keyboard dock ala other Windows tablets.


Other alleged specifications of the Mi Pad 3 shown off in the slides include the Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor paired with 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM, as well as two choices of eMMC storage (128GB and 256GB). There’s also a very nice 8290mAh battery, which is reassuring. The MiPad 3 is said to feature a fingerprint sensor as well as 16MP rear and 8MP front-facing cameras for snapping pictures.

Curiously, rumours are saying that an Android variant of the Mi Pad 3 is nowhere to be seen, suggesting that Xiaomi has dropped it in favour of the Windows variant. This isn’t really all too shocking when you consider that the Android-powered MiPad 2 wasn’t as well received as its Windows-powered sibling.


While these information are certainly exciting, it’s worth noting that Xiaomi itself has not revealed anything about the Mi Pad 3. Regardless, we’ll find out more on the 30th of December, which is supposedly the launch date of the tablet.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Mi Pad 3 will indeed carry 1,999 Chinese yuan ($228) and 2,299 yuan ($331) price tags for the 128GB and 256GB models respectively.

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  • Jurica Dragicevic

    i would like to see tablet from them with bigger screen…10-12 inch or something

    • Ibrahim

      Xiaomi are not doing well in laptops and tablets. I tried Mi Pad 1 and it was great, but the UI is very bad. It is like a blown up version of Mi UI. There is no optimize for the big screen.

  • gareth7o9

    Ooooo! I loved the look of the Mi Pad 2 but was going to wait for a more beefy processor and 4GB of RAM. Looks like I am in luck if they are using a Core M and 8GB of Ram. I hope it’s released soon as I am looking to buy……been looking at Teclast’s but not sure.

    • Ibrahim

      Teclast is bad. I tried two tablets.. Both of them were horrible.. Yes specs sound sexy… 9.7 retina display with quad core and 4GB 64GB and dual OS..
      But in reality it is crap.

    • Alex

      Teclast devices is like the lottery, you can play but most likely you’ll loose. Both your money and your time.

    • Rene Vetterli

      5 inch phones have bigger batteries than 8 or 10 inch teclast tablets

  • Alex

    I only have one thing to say regarding Mi pad 3: XIAOMI, just shut up and take my money!

  • Stef

    Dual OS this. Having an ultra book means that I’ll rarely use Windows on this small screen. But android? Gladly, just give us the choice (like last year).

  • Qidamin

    No Android but in the first picture this is Miui lockscreen?! yeah MiPAd2 was not that good, I’ve sold it, pretty unsatisfied with it.

    • Luis Amaral

      At some point I was looking at that tablet.
      Can you detail why you didnt like the tablet?

      • Qidamin

        I got many issues when browsing the web, sometimes websites didn’t want to open (in China, using Chinese rom, using Miui browser and others, trying to open Chinese websites). I have succeded one time to install another android rom, then went back to official Miui, and from then impossible to change again, the tablet was not recognized. Transferring files was buggy and most of the time big files needed the tablet to be plugged two or tree times to be able to transfer…Really regretting the first MiPad!

        • paranoid_gr

          The first two weeks I had also problems ,some of which you also had, but these wre due to the shitty rom that was installed from the seller. I followed the rules from the miui forum to unlock the bootloader and install miui 8 rom and the tablet has since been a different device.

          • Qidamin

            I had the tablet with official rom, put Miui 8 but still had the same problems. I suspect the drivers and Windows were the problem, but I have spent too much time on it, trying eveything. I have just sold it.

      • paranoid_gr

        I also have the tablet and my opinion really differs from the one above.But of course the opinion of the device is correlated to the way you use it.The usage I am get from the Mipad 2 is purely for entertainment reasons I use it for browsing,fb,instagram and some games when I am at home and for movies when travelling.Once in a while if I am on the road and need something for the work like send emails or look at a spreadsheet or code to slack I use the tablet.

  • Arefin

    WOW ! Intel M3-7Y30 and 8GB RAM on a $300 device. Hope they will add a microSD card slot this time (most probably they won’t). I also like to see a 12″ variant.

    • Alex

      Oh, they won’t add that, rest asure. They need to upsell you the 256Gb variant of course. I might let them do that to me, lol

  • Joe mont

    Can we get Linux on it, I really dont want to use Windows 10.

  • Zdeněk Anděl

    I am using Acer One 10 and I was already looking for upgrade.So far that Chuwi Hi 10 Plus looked good but I will go for this one if prices stay…

  • BlockAdblock

    Looks good but the 256GB one is much less of a good deal. $300 would be a hit.

    • Wolvie

      But keep in mind that those posted prices are still local china prices.

      So for international buyer, expected the price to be much inflated by china online re-seller. Probably 30-50% on top of original price.

  • Wolvie

    If only i can replace the OS to a bug free Cyanogen (or any android/linux based OS) then this will be a perfect tablet.

    I never like windows OS in tablet as it is so resource hogging that make your tablet slow as hell after you use for some time. I got first hand past personal bad experience with Asus transformer also running windows 8.1 and it was very lag beyond hell.

  • Ylletroja

    16:10 @ “8-8.4 for gods sake. These 4:3 tablets are terrible at being portable.

  • artman-1

    I have teclas dual boot tablet wich I have made/converted into a win 10 only tablet. It works well and could be happier with it. It took me some time to do it but it was worth it !