Galaxy Note 8 photos leak, show impressive design similar to the Galaxy...

Galaxy Note 8 photos leak, show impressive design similar to the Galaxy S8


First of all, these are unconfirmed photos of the Galaxy Note 8 and we all have to be careful how we look at them. However they “look” legit and show an impressive smartphone with its display on, and a design that greatly resembles the one Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have… which makes sense in a way.

Galaxy Note 8

The device looks huge, with an almost bezel-less display on the front and the most awaited S-Pen being the hint that this is the Note 8 we’re looking at. One thing we can deduct from watching these two photos however is that the new Galaxy Note 8 will -almost- surely have a smaller battery capacity than the Galaxy S8+ model, since the Korean designers have to make room for the S-Pen.

As always, we should be careful with this type of images being leaked so early and perhaps wait until we have something more “concrete” to talk about.

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  • Mail carrier

    Better have a bigger battery or I’ll be looking at other phones. Right now I have a 1 yr old s7 w s8 launcher and not really working correctly Bixby. It’ll last until then

  • I kinda like the top and bottom part being a bit flatter than the s8’s 😊 I guess this would be my next phone.

    • disqus_FYINAKV4CU


  • disqus_FYINAKV4CU

    No way the battery will be under 3500 Mah. No way

    • Stef

      Note 7 was re released with 3200 mah. You better believe it. Samsung officially hates battery life, first by killing the removable feature, then by installing small sealed batteries and (by) now perpetuating the situation.

      I mean the new 5.8 inch galaxy has 3000 mah battery. What hope does it give you that things woulD be better?

      Also in Samsung’s tradition it will come with the same specs as s8+. Basically it would be the s8+ + pen + smaller battery 6 months late for a cool $900 … and people would *still* praise it. Because that’s what people do with Samsung or Apple products (praise uncritically)

      • disqus_FYINAKV4CU

        You have no credibility because you don’t know what your talking about. Your facts are wrong. My current Note 7 has 3500 mAh. It has the best battery life of any phone I’ve ever owned. I believe the battery will be bigger.

        • Stef

          You are kidding yourself.

          GSMARENA has one of the biggest database of phone’s that it has their battery tested. 81h on their particular test is for “phablets” middling at best:

          For example Mi mix with much bigger screen gets 97h, and even that is not very spectacular.

          Now imagine how much worse 3200 mah would be, close to 70h, probably of the worst battery life any phablet ever had. It’s dissapointing actually what Samsung did to their phones, what planned obsolescence does to the industry and what fandom does to people (not see that they are being ripped off).

          • Abdullah Kösem

            Stef You have no idea what you’re talking about. Batteries 3200 Mah because safety purposes. Take a look at Note 7 it was 3500 Mah and cause explodings because it was have high density batteries. So high density batteries may explode there is no hate of batteries. Sorry for ingiliççe

            • Stef

              They could make the phone slightly thicker to afford the bigger battery. It will do nothing to usability and the phone would look equally gorgeous. The decision to not allow much space for battery was Samsung’s and Samsung’s alone, it is/was a strategic decision that they keep making. No different than how the iPhone is always below 2000 mah, despite it being easy for them to make the phone hold more battery.

            • Abdullah Kösem

              You’r right about marketing strategy but i can’t say same thing about making thicker phone. Because phone already have a big screen if it thicker than that it will trouble. Did you ever use 10mm 4.7 inch screen and 8.3mm 5.7 inch? The winner here is 8.3mm 5.7 inch it’s way more comfortable

            • Stef

              just 0.6mm would give them 800 extra mah which is the difference between making a particularly hard day and not making it.

              I’m not talking 8.3mm vs 10mm, I’m talking 7.7mm vs 8.3mm which is practically the same if the phone tapers anyway.

  • Andrés Garramuño

    Espero que la pantalla sea bastante más grande que la del S8+. Lo mismo para la batería.
    I hope the screen size would be bigger than S8+ and the same with the battery.