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Gizchina accepts guest posts from readers. If you have a great idea for an article then please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Order the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime 32GB now

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xiaomi redmi note 2 prime

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2 has been on the watch list of many tech enthusiasts, and now the turbo charged Prime model goes on sale with international shipping.

Video: Ulefone show of Be Touch 2 screen gestures

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ulefone be touch 2

Screen gestures are a feature that we all take for granted now, but what we like to see are gestures that continue to work even when a fingerprint scanner is active like here on the Ulefone Be Touch 2.

Save $10 on orders over $100 at

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Hunting for your next phone? Then why not take advantage of this $10 saving when spending over $100 at

Meizu M2 on sale for $149.99 to international buyers

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meizu m2

Today the Meizu M2 goes on sale to customers in China from 10am, while international buyers can pick up the device for $149.99.

Ulefone BeTouch 2 available with free gifts, or a special $199.99 price tag on

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ulefone be touch 2

Ulefone have teamed up with the Gizchina official store to offer fans the chance to buy the latest Ulefone BeTouch 2 at a speical low-price during select hours.

Elephone P6000 vs JiaYu F2 vs Cubot X9 – A quick look at 3 budget smartphones

Posted on in Android, Cubot, Elephone, JiaYu, news, Phones, Tech | 24 comments
Elephone P6000 vs JiaYu F2 vs Cubot X9

If you are in the market for a budget Android smartphone for around $130 take a look at this quick comparision between the Elephone P6000, JiaYu F2 and Cubot X9.

Smartphone biometric security technology – Everything you need to know about biometric security

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elephone p7000 touch id

Android smartphones organise and record our daily lives, most personal details and log where we are and when we are there. This id dangerous information in the wrong hands which is why many new devices come with biometric security as standard.

Meizu m1 note vs Ecoo E04

Posted on in Android, ECOO, Meizu News, news, Phones, Reviews, Tech | 83 comments
ecoo e04 vs meizu m1 note

Which of these 64bit MT6752 smartphones is better to buy? The Meizu m1 note or the latest Ecoo E04 Aurora?

Guest Post: Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615

Posted on in Android, iOcean, news, Phones, Reviews, Tech | 57 comments
iocean mt6752

In real world testing how does the 64bit Mediatek MT6752 compare vs the 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor? Find out in this 64bit processor battle.

Sponsored: Axgio Marks Down HD 4-core smartphone Neon N1 to under $100

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Mobile Phone maker Axgio presently provides an Amazon coupon worth USD10 with which a customer can get the company’s 4-core HD smartphone Neon N1 at a final price of USD99.99.

Onda v989 breaks Antutu record scores 55,527

Posted on in Android, Benchmarks, news, Tablets, Tech | 26 comments
Video thumbnail for youtube video Onda v989 breaks Antutu record scores 55,527 -

A few weeks ago we posted that the Onda V989 octacore tablet could achieve benchmarks of 48,000, well this has been proven untrue with an amazing new score of 55,527 points!

No more Star N9500 sales on Ebay as device is banned after spyware report

Posted on in Knock Off, news, Phones | 2 comments

E-commerce giant Ebay have banned the sale of Star N9500 Android smartphones after it was revealed the device had factory installed spyware.

Xiaomi Hires Manu Kumar Jain to Head It’s Indian Operations

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Xiaomi have made huge steps in to entering the Indian smartphone market by hiring Jabong co-founder Manu Jain.

KingSing K5 Available in the UK for £69.99

Posted on in KingSing, Launch, news, Phones | 3 comments
kingsing k5

K5, another popular entry-level smartphone of KingSing, is now available on Amazon UK for £69.99.

Cubot S208 listed at just $129.99

Posted on in Cubot, Launch, news, Phones | 4 comments
cubot s208

Following on from the success of the Cubot X6 a new mid-range device from the phone maker has gone on sale for just $129.99. Keep reading for full details of the Cubot S208.

OrientPhone A2800, 5-inch, octcore costs $173

Posted on in news, OrientPhone, Phones | 4 comments
orientphone a2900 octacore

The OrientPhone A2800 is another example of every falling octacore phone prices.

Former Apple CEO’s John Sculley Launches Mobile Brand in India

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John Sculley, if you don’t remember him, you won’t forgot him from now on for a while. He is the former Apple CEO and also the man who fired Steve Jobs. Now he is planning to Enter Indian Mobile phone Market with a new Brand ” OBI “.

Windows Phone Set Get Cheaper In India – Courtesy License fee waiver by MS

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windows phone

Mircosoft has signed a deal with Indian phone makers Lava and Karbonn, which will allow the companies to use Windows Mobile with no licensing fees!

$189.99 Octacore Vifocal W92 is a self proclaimed Lenovo Vibe X clone

Posted on in Elephone, Knock Off, Launch, Lenovo, news, Phones | 10 comments
vifocal w92

Vifocal have released their new smartphone, named the Vifocal W92, which they hope will be considered for the crown as worlds cheapest octacore Lenovo Vibe X clone.

Vifocal V8800, is the cheapest octacore, dual sim Note 3 clone!

Posted on in GooPhone, Knock Off, Launch, news, Phones | 12 comments
Vifocal V8800

It is true that good things are never lack of imitators, but it is also true that imitators will have his day. Clone phones maker, goophone has proved this, maybe, Vifocal can do it as well.