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Nearly 1 million OnePlus One sold, OnePlus 2 expected in 6 months plus something new

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It was only a couple of months ago when OnePlus announced 500,000 OPO until sold, now the company say almost a million have found new owners.

UMi release 3.0.3 update for UMi Zero to download now

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umi zero

Umi have been enjoying a runaway success with their UMi Zero smartphone, and its great to see they are supporting their fans with software updates.

Huawei G628 is their first 64bit Mediatek phone

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huawei g628

Even with a portfolio of their own processors, Huawei have opted for the 64bit MT6752 in the new Huawei G628.

JiaYu S3 silicone covers will come in a range of colours

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jiayu s3 cases

The JiaYu S3 is one of the most anticipated smartphones for 2015 and when it finally goes on sale will get a choice of tight fitting silicone covers.

Xiaomi’s Leadcore powered budget phone receives network license

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leadcore xiaomi redmi

Xiaomi are all up in the headlines today, now after receiving its network license for a new budget phone powered by a Leadcore chip and rumoured $65 launch price!

Save $20 on you Elephone P5000 pre-order

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elephone p5000

Elephone are offering GizChina readers a $20 discount when ordering the Elephone P5000 through authorised stores.

More details of the Coolpad X7, costs less than the Meizu MX4

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coolpad x7

Has Meizu’s reign come to an early end? Cooled are hoping so with the 3 new Coolpad X7 phones costing from just 1599 Yuan.

Leaked: Could this by the rumoured Xiaomi Mi5?

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xiaomi mi5

We were skeptical about the idea that Xiaomi could launch a new flagship phone at CES, but this purported leaked image is having us think again.

Rumour: OnePlus to launch 10,000 mAh powerbank today?

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oneplus battery

There is the possibility that OnePlus could be expanding their product range later today with the launch of a 10,000mAh powerbank.

Interview with a CEO: UMi’s Heaven

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umi zero ceo interview

Over the next few months we will be interviewing CEO’s bosses and company executives from Chinese smartphone makers. To kick things off we speak to UMi CEO Heaven.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus show up in posters 1 day before launch

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huawei honor 6 plus

If there is one thing we know about leaks, it is that they certainly no when to show up! With only 1 day till launch images of the Huawei Honor 6 Plus have shown up on posters.

Zeaplus talk about Zeaplus M5 5000mAh battery, still haven’t launched a phone

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zeaplus m5

Zeaplus still haven’t a phone on the market, but that hasn’t stopped them talking about a third device!

OAXIS Star 21, combines sports tracking with a funky display

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oaxis 21 star

There are more sports tracking accessories available today than ever, and although I am not sure who is buying them all, there appears to be room for one more.

FDD LTE version of the Xiaomi Mi4 will launch 16th December

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xiaomi mi4 review

Lovers of the Xiaomi Mi4 who need 4G LTE, will be happy to learn the FDD-LTE version of the flagship phone is scheduled for release.

In China? want a Meizu MX3 for 1 RMB? 12th December is the date for you!

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meizu mx3 1 yuan

The Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro are the phones getting all of the attention but we shouldn’t forget about the Meizu MX3, especially as it will only cost 1 yuan on 12th December.

Leaks claim to show long awaited Meizu Blue Charm Note for the first time!

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meizu note leaked

Weibo tipsters have discovered images of a bright orange Meizu phone that they suggest will be the Meizu Blue Charm Note that was originally teased at the start of this year.

Pre-release photos of the Oppo R1C published

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oppo r1c 3

The Oppo R5 isn’t the only slim phone they are offering, the Oppo R1C will also be available soon with slightly thicker body and 64bit Snapdragon processor.

Ecoo take first steps toward 64bit chips, teases the Ecoo Aurora

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ecoo aurora

After finally launching the $169.99 Ecoo Shining Pro smartphone, Ecoo have begun to tease their next phone a 64bit model named the Ecoo Aurora.

Vivo entering India with the slim Vivo X5 Max

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vivo x5 max

A few days ago Vivo announced that they would be entering the Indian phone market, and now we know which phone will be their flagship, the slim Vivo X5 Max.

Keep topped up during the holidays with these 3 Xiaomi powerbanks

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Three Xiaomi powerbanks available in various sizes and colours perfect for the holidays.