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Mlais will launch Mlais M7 and MX next week, here are the details so far

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mlais m7

Next week Mlais will release their Mlais M7 and MX models, and ahead of release, have shared more details about their upcoming smartphones.

OnePlus cuts accessory prices by %50 for one year anniversary

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oneplus one no cyanogen branding

Celebrating their first year anniversary, OnePlus have cut the cost of accessories by %50.

Oppo Find 7 getting a long overdue Lollipop update

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oppo find 7 review 1

Believe it or not but owners of the Oppo Find 7 are still running Android 4.4 Kitkat, but come May Lollipop will finally arrive.

Official: Partial Ulefone Be Touch specifications are in

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ulefone be touch

Yesterday we posted rumoured specifications of the Ulefone Be Touch phone, although most of the details were accurate thera are a few updates to be made now that the official specifications are in.

Crazy 70,000 point Antutu score from the 10 core Mediatek MT6797 posted

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mediatek mt6797

Antutu isn’t everything, but a massive score of over 70,000 points is pretty phenomenal considering it comes from Taiwanese Mediatek.

Ulefone confirmed Be Touch will come with Sony IMX214 camera

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ulefone be touch

Ulefone have confirmed that their upcoming Ulefone Be Touch model will ship with a 13 mega-pixel Sony IMX 214 rear camera.

Xiaomi will live stream “i Is Coming” event

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xiaomi i is coming

For those of us not heading to India on the 23rd of April we don’t have to miss out on the Xiaomi action as the event will be streamed live.

Ulefone Be Touch Teaser shows Touch ID style fingerprint scanner

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ulefone be touch

After switching names from the Dare N1 to the Ulefone Be Touch, a new teaser has been revealed showing a Touch ID style fingerprint scanner on the new device.

Cubot X10, world slimmest water-proof smartphone

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cubot x10

The Cubot X10 is another break from the norm when it comes to rugged phones, this time offering an elegant waterproof design.

Huawei also announce the large screen Huawei P8 Max with 4360mAh battery

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huawei p8 max

In addition to the smaller Huawei P8 with 5.2-inch display, Huawei have also announced the large screen Huawei P8 Max with huge 6.9-inch display.

No.1 Sun Smartwatch Listed

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no1 sun smartwatch

Clone maker gone rugged phone maker, No.1, have listed another smartwatch on their site named the ‘Sun’. Here are the full details.

Bluboo X550 will cost just $169.99 with Android 5.1and 5350mAh battery

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bluboo x550

Bluboo announce that their latest phone, the Bluboo X550, will cost just $169.99 once released later this month.

Ulefone join the list of manufactuers launching phones this month

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ulefone dare n1

Ulefone are joining a very long list of Chinese manufacturers who are launching new devices this month. Here is what we know of Ulefone’s device so far.

LeTV X600 out of the box and ahead of launch

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letv x600 spy photos

The LetV X600 once again jumps on our screens before it has officially even launched in more leaked photos.

Huawei P8 and P8 Lite cases show us more physical details

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huawei p8 silicon case

This week is Huawei’s big launch week with the Huawei P8 scheduled to launch in London alongside a budget friendly P8 Lite. We turn to Chinese case manufactures to uncover a few more details.

7 accessories you can buy for the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

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xiaomi yi action camera case

When Xiaomi launched the Yi Action camera the only accessory available for it was a selfie stick. Now there is a lot more to choose from, here are 7 of the most useful.

Blackview to bring OTA to phones, Lollipop coming soon

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blackview alife s1

Blackview have announced that they will be bring OTA updates to their phones and launching Lollipop for some models too.

Mlais M4 Note real photos confirm metal chassis and Lollipop

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mlais m4 note

Real photos of the next Mlais M4 Note confirm the a neat metal classis plus Android Lollipop, more details here.

Huawei SnapTo on sale for $180 on Amazon, but there are better deals

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huawei snapto

Huawei have launched another low-cost phone on Amazon for international buyers to pick up direct, but with a little shopping you can find better at a lower price.

Newman forget about left handed users with the Newman “button” phone

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newman button phone

Electronics company Newman are back from a hiatus and have released a new Android smartphone featuring a built in finger-print scanner and YunOS.