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4300mAh Mlais MX Base will cost just $99.99 for one month

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mlais mx base

Huge competition in the Chinese phone market means some really great pricing for Chinese tech fans. Today another large battery phone has seen a price cut from $139.99 to just $99.99.

Siswoo C55 gets a few spec bumps, octacore chip and better camera

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siswoo longbow

Siswoo have updated the specifications of their Siswoo C55 model compared to previously released details, making it an even more desirable $150 smartphone.

Elephone jump ship, building a budget Snapdragon phone for just $79.99

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elephone qualcomm phone

Our sources at Elephone have sent us surprising news this morning of a new phone based on a Qualcomm chip and costing just $79.99.

UMi Iron, feature focus

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umi iron features

UMi have sent up some information about the UMi Iron to clear up the confusion about the specs and details of the phone. Keep reading for the details.

Elephone say CM12.1 for older models is a possibility

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If you are the owner of an older Elephone phone with a MT6582 or MT6592 SoC you could be lucky enough to see Cyanogenmod for your device in the future.

UMi releasing UMi Voix Blu wireless headphones

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umi Voix Blu

UMi are set to unveil the next generation UMi Voix headphone, the wireless UMi Voix Blu.

Siswoo R8 Monster: an overlooked high-end Chinese device?

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siswoo r8 monster

Chinese brand Siswoo have made some very interesting and sensible steps to create a brand that customers can actually rely on, but while we look at the brand and their latest phones we could be overlooking one of the best phones they have on sale already.

Blackview Hero 1 and 2 action cameras go on sale for just $129.99

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blackview hero action camera

Known for their smartphones, Blackview are now also entering the action camera market with the affordable Blackview Hero range from just $129.99.

Update: Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition will cost 299 Euros in Europe with invite

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meizu mx4 ubuntu

The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition is one of those devices which comes and goes, but the latest news is that it is finally coming and will arrive in Europe at 299 Euros.

UMi Iron announced: Full specifications listed

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umi iron full specifications

Full specifications for the brand new UMi Iron smartphone. Keep reading for details of this all alloy flagship phone.

UMi Iron gets a heart rate monitor

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umi iron heart rate monitor

We were pretty sure the UMi Iron specifications had all pretty much been revealed, then today a heart rate monitor has been sprung on us.

Oukitel tell fans there will be no #bendgate issues with the Ouktiel U9

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OUKITEL U9 Kindo Thranduil

After it came to light that a certain new flagship bends quite easily, other manufactuers have been quick to point out the same does not affect their devices.

Ulefone Be Touch 2 Antutu, New Packaging and Scratch Test Video

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ulefone be touch 2

If you are waiting for a Ulefone Be Touch 2 to arrive with you then you might want to pass the time with the following video and Antutu details.

Remember the Oukitel smartwatch? Here is is next the Apple Watch

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oukitel a28 watch

Oukitel have released their own Apple Watch alternative and recorded a short video showing the two wearables side by side.

Ulefone Be Touch 2 sales kick off at only $179.99

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ulefone be touch 2

Ulefone kick of the first sales of the Ulefone Be Touch 2 with a special introduction price of just $179.99.

Siswoo offer up some chocolate at incredible prices

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siswoo a series phones

You may remember a few weeks back we wrote about Siswoo’s new low-cost A range of phones, here are more details plus the incredible low pricing of each.

UMi to launch new Bluetooth headphones next month

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new umi voix

On the back of the original UMi Voix, UMi are going to launch a next generation UMi Voix next month with all new design and features.

Blackview Alife Pro will cost just $129.99, first images here

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blackview alife pro

The new Blackview Alife Pro costs only $129.99 yet boasts fingerprint scanner, Andorid Lollipop and 2GB RAM.

Ecoo E05 renders leaked with first spec details

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ecoo E05

Ecoo show off their latest device in early renders plus spill the beans with partial specs confirmation.

Antutu screenshots confirm killer specs for the iOcean Z1

Posted on in iOcean, news, Phones | 29 comments
iocean z1

Antutu screenshots and a first live photo show the iOcean Z1 and what it will have to offer once it goes on sale later this month.