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Cube Talk 9X U65GT octacore tablet with retina display costs $205

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Cube Talk 9X U65GT

Rocking an octacore MT8392 Mediatek processor means the Cube Talk 9X is just at home connected via 3G on the go as it is at home over WIFI.

Black Xiaomi Mi4 launch date is October 28th

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xiaomi mi4 black

So far only the white and silver version of he Xiaomi Mi4 has been available to buy, but on all honesty it looks a bit naff in comparison to the sleek black model going on sale at the end of this month.

Cube T7 7-inch tablet gets 64Bit MT8752, LTE, octacore chipset

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cube t7

64Bit fever has spread like wildfire and now we have news of the first Android tablet to get a boost in architecture, the Cube T7.

ZTE join in on the 64Bit fun with the new ZTE Q802C

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ZTE join in on the 64Bit fun with the new ZTE Q802C

Infocus M330, octacore 5.5-incher from Foxconn

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infocus m330

Infocus are quickly rising to fame across China and Taiwan with a new focus on powerful smartphones which can be had at budget prices. The Infocus M330 is the latest with an octacore chip.


Fan made OnePlus 2 concepts published with dual front speakers

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oneplus 2

OnePlus fans can’t wait to see the OnePlus 2, with some even producing their own concept ideas which address some of the design choices of the original.

20 days until the Oppo N3 International launch

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oppo n3 launch

On the 29th of October, Oppo will unveil the Oppo N3 in Singapore in what appears to be the companies first international launch.

Meizu MX4 Pro confirmed to launch sometime in November

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meizu mx4 pro

Vice CEO of Meizu, Li Nan, has continued it conversation about the Meizu MX4 on Weibo by confirming the phone will launch sometime in November.

Nicai Super 6 another crappy iPhone 6 clone

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iPhone 6 fever has hit China as much as every country, but as always it is only Chinese manufacturers who are quick to make cheap knock offs.

iberry Auxus Aura A1 with 8 core processor goes on sale for $162 ahead of Redmi Note in India

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iberry’s latest, the Auxus Aura A1 went on sale in India earlier today for 9,990 INR or US$162.

The Wa Phone could be the first 64bit Mediatek device and the start of the next tech race!

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wa phone

Mediatek have a whole host of great new processors lined up for 2015, but we think it could be the 64Bit Mediatek MT6752 found in the Wa Phone which will really begin the 2015 Chinese smartphone tech race.

This is Xiaomi’s mystery Mi Home smart home box

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xiaomi mi home hero

Xiaomi’s mystery smart home box has been unveiled in an image on their Xiaomi Router product page.

Xiaomi’s next move could be to launch smart home products

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xiaomi smart home products

What’s next for Xiaomi? It could well be a arrange of smart home products.

5 Pieces of popular wearable tech from China

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inwatch z

China’s smartphone makers are quickly taking interest in launching wearable companion device to keep track of notifications and even health. Over the past year we have seen hundreds of wearables, but these 5 are current the most popular.

Meanwhile, OnePlus Silver Bullet earphones go on sale and out of stock in a matter of hours!

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While you weren’t looking, OnePlus puts its first add-on earphones, the OnePlus Silver Bullets on sale… which soon went out of stock.

First photos of the Inwatch Pi wearable from China

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inwatch pi hero

The Inwatch Pi is a traditional looking watch with smart features normally associated with wearable devices. Here early unboxing photos and details.

Cubot S168 $100 smartphone announced

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cubot s168 100 usd

Cubot continue to focus entry-level phones with the announcement of the $99.99 Cubot S168.

OnePlus fix screen issues with latest OnePlus One OTA update

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oneplus one review gizchina

Anyone out there suffering from touchscreen problems with their OnePlus One will be happy to learn that the issues have been addressed with the latest OTA update.

Meizu MX4 Pro! Rumour Round-up!

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meizu mx4 pro

The cat is well and truly out of the bag, Meizu bosses have mentioned the Meizu MX4 Pro on Weibo, so it is time to look over those leaks and details with a fine tooth comb.

Meizu MX4 wood rear panels go on sale

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meizu mx4 wood cover 4

Motorola might have started it, but it is Chinese phone makers that are keeping the wood look fad going.