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Low-cost Meizu casing show up thanks to Weibo tipster

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meizu k52

Rumour has it that Meizu have a low-cost Android phone up their sleeve which could launch this side of Christmas. Those rumours were partly confirmed today when these photos appeared on Weibo.

Ecoo take first steps toward 64bit chips, teases the Ecoo Aurora

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ecoo aurora

After finally launching the $169.99 Ecoo Shining Pro smartphone, Ecoo have begun to tease their next phone a 64bit model named the Ecoo Aurora.

Confirmed: Indian OnePlus One won’t get Cyanogen updates!

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cyanogenmod find7

Finally Cyanogen have come clean after their ambiguous statement last week, and have confirmed that OnePlus phones bought in India will not be getting CM updates.

Lenovo decide cloning is the way to go and build an iPhone 5C wannabe

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lenovo s60

After receiving plenty of criticism for the Lenovo Sisley S90 for the design and marketing, Lenovo are under fire again for the S60 phone.

Vivo entering India with the slim Vivo X5 Max

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vivo x5 max

A few days ago Vivo announced that they would be entering the Indian phone market, and now we know which phone will be their flagship, the slim Vivo X5 Max.


Meizu launching another new phone before Christmas

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meizu mx4 pro leaked

Surprising news today as it appears that Meizu will be launching another new device before Christmas.

Lenovo Sisley Vs UMi Zero : which would you choose?

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umi zero vs lenovo sisley

Both have alloy bodies and SUPER AMOLED display, but which of these two stylish smartphones would you like in your pocket?

Lenovo Sisley goes on sale with iPhone 6 looks but not price

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lenovo sisley white

Lenovo’s iPhone 6 wannabe hits stores with a price tag that doesn’t reflect its looks.

Otium Gear smartwatch now available on Amazon

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otium gear

Otium’s Gear smartwatch has not made its way on to Amazong at under $100 with nice features.

Cyanogen say they will be supporting updates on global devices in India

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cyanogenmod find7

After a worrying many fans in India, Cyanogen have come out to say that Indian customers of the global OPO will get CM updates, but what exactly does this mean.

No invites, Killer Spec, International Availability, and Low Price, the Xodiom looks to good to be true

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xodiom phone

Cutting through the marketing bull, Xodiom have hit the web with bold claims, internatonal availability and a low price of only $329.99. Real or scam?

MX4 Ubuntu touch spy photo leaked

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ubuntu meizu mx4 leaked

Meizu and Canonical’s Ubuntu dream is finally forming in to a solid product, with leaked photos of an Ubuntu powered MX4 hitting the web.

Oppo Find 7 up for pre-order on Amazon UK

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oppo find 7 review

The Oppo Find 7 might be almost a year old, but it’s specs keep it relavent even today as it goes on pre-order in the UK.

Zopo’s new phone will have a 64bit processor

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zopo 64bit

Like most of China’s top phone makers, Zopo is prepping to begin the new year with a new phone with a 64bit chip.

InkCase Plus brings an extra E-ink display to your Android Phone

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ink case plus

Inkcase Plus Kickstarter project heads in to pre-order stage after successful funding.

Xiaomi build their own ‘Silver Wings’ Mi4

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xiaomi mi4 silver wings

A 3rd colour choice has been added to the Xiaomi Mi4 line up, a black phone with the silver sides of the white model.

ZTE Q7 stops off at TENAA, another iPhone 6 wannabe

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zte q7

iPhone 6 clones are cropping up from all over the place, even big name companies are getting in on the act. Here is ZTE’s offering the ZTE Q7.

Jiayu S3 price announced at just $162 with 3GB RAM, LTE and 64Bit SoC

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jiayu s3

If there was ever a time to be excited about the possibilities of the Chinese phone market then it is now, and the JiaYu S3 is just the start of it.

Vivo officially entering Indian smartphone market

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vivo xshot vs oneplus one camera shootout

Vivo, the makers of the very good Vivo Xshot and Xplay 3S are officially headed to India in the footsteps of Xiaomi and OnePlus.

ECOO Shining Pro on sale very soon for $169.99

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ecoo e02 shining

A pro phone at a low price? Well that is what ECOO are billing the ECOO Shining Pro as after announcing official pricing for their latest smartphone.