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Exynos powered Galaxy Note 4 graces AnTuTu Benchmark database

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Specs sheet of Samsung’s next-in-line phablet spearhead, the Galaxy Note 4 was just spotted on an AnTuTu listing which seemingly confirms an Exynos variant.

India launch of LTE powered Huawei Ascend D2 in the works

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huawei ascend d2 mini

The LTE powered Huawei Ascend D2 might finally see an Indian release, more than a year after being launched.

DIYers beware: OnePlus One teardown shows the phone isn’t all that easy to repair [at home]

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iFixit got down and dirty with the OnePlus One to find just how easy/difficult it is to repair the phone, and here are the results.

iberry’s KitKat powered Auxus AX04 Android tablet & Linea L1 smartphone launched

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Two new Android 4.4 KitKat powered devices are heading towards the Indian market, from popular HK based manufacturer iberry.

Should Meizu make this fluorescent Meizu MX3?

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fluorescent Meizu MX3

After Meizu fans created the silver wings chrome version of the black MX3, more innovative designs have been sent in with the hope they will be made.

SPEmall adds itself to the list of OnePlus One Chinese resellers

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oneplus spemall

Spemall have stock of the 16GB baby skin white version of the OnePlus One available to order now for anyone not wanting to wait for an invite.

Unistar X7 4G, Mid-range quad-core LTE with MT6582 processor

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unistar 4g lte

Unistar aren’t one of the companies we usually look at when watching for the next leap in technology, so the launch of the Unistar X7 4G has come as a huge surprise.

How to detect if your phone is infected with the uupay.A Trojan

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android infected

With reports of certain Chinese phones coming with infected ROMS it would be a good idea to detect if your phone has been compromised with uupay.A here is how.

iOcean X8 Giveaway Part 4 and 5

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iocean x8 review

Here are parts 4 and 5 to our iOcean X8 giveaway! Once you have these pieces all you need to do is to wait until Sunday to enter the competition.

How to avoid a Trojan phone? Don’t buy a clone!

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android trojan

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are under scrutiny at the moment due to the Trojan found in the Star N9500 smartphone. But Chinese phones are safe and the chances of getting a Trojan are unlikely especially if you follow these steps.

No more Star N9500 sales on Ebay as device is banned after spyware report

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E-commerce giant Ebay have banned the sale of Star N9500 Android smartphones after it was revealed the device had factory installed spyware.

Huawei G621 could be the first Droid to have a 64-bit CPU

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Huawei might soon release a 64-bit Android smartphone, something which has been rumoured to be in the works for months now.

No Xiaomi Redmi Note, no problem! How about a $96 clone?

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China’s back to what its best known for – making clones. But this one’s special… read on to know why!

OnePlus One: One batch of Europe shipments delayed by another two weeks

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OnePlus announced that one batch of shipments of the One to Europe that couldn’t get through customs would take another 2 weeks before getting delivered to respective buyers.

Xiaomi Mi3 launch date, pricing for the Philippines announced

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3,000 sets of the Xiaomi Mi3 are all set to go on a flash sale in the Philippines later this month with a mouth watering price tag!

The Amazon Fire Phone is here: Blends high-end specs with one-handed operation

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After long last, there’s some peace for those wanting a high-end phone that fits in one hand in the form of Amazon Inc.’s first phone – the Amazon Fire Phone.

iOcean X8 Giveaway: Part 2 and 3

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iocean x8 review

Here are the next two questions for you to answer for your chance to win the an octacore iOcean X8.

Meizu “great news will be announced next month”!

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meizu mx4 renders

Meizu bosses have been using Weibo to spread excitement around China today telling fans “great news will be announced next month”!

Micromax Canvas Gold unveiled with 5.5″ 1080p display, 2GHz octa-core CPU

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After being a victim of numerous leaks, Micromax’s Canvas Gold A300 is finally official, and in style, with a 2GHz 8 core CPU and Android KitKat.

Xiaomi India website goes live prior to launch

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Xiaomi today launched a website for India, hinting at a launch that might take place sooner than expected.