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Xiaomi Mi3 Snapdragon 800 Antutu benchmarks leaked!

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xiaomi mi3 wcdma launch

The long awaited Snapdragon 800 version of the Xiaomi Mi3 will launch in just a few weeks in China, and already Antutu benchmarks have been leaked!

Xiaomi’s 10,400mAh Power Bank costs just $11!

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A few hours after we posted about a mystery device that Xiaomi teased, it has been confirmed that it is indeed a power bank with a humongous 10,400mAh battery!

Oppo R819 source code released, getting Omni ROM soon?

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omni rom oppo r819

One of the issues with Mediatek phones is lack of custom ROM support, but this is slowly changing with the release of more sources codes, the latest of which is the Oppo R819.

Zopo ZP990 Gold Edition now on sale

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After we caught a glimpse of the ZP980 in gold a few days back, Chinese manufacturer Zopo have now put up the gold edition of their largest smartphone, the Zopo C7 on sale!

Xiaomi tease another accessory; Believed to be a Power Bank

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It’s now starting to be a routine for Xiaomi to tease one accessory after another. Not long ago, the company teased another device which later turned out to be a router.


AUX i6T is a $163 iPhone 5S wannabe

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We’ve seen quite a few iPhone clones from China over the years, which fondly (or otherwise) are titled ‘ChiPhone’ by some.

HTC One Max Spotted Showcasing New Look

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The recently released HTC One Max, has been spotted in some promotional materials put out by Taiwan mobile carrier Far EasTone showing off a spiffy new red paint job.

ZTE launches Memo 5S and 5L with 4G LTE in China

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zte memo 4g lte front

Chinese phone users are getting a huge pre-Christmas gift in the form of 4G LTE in most major cities and the ZTE Memo 5S and 5L are on sale now with native support.

Archos Quecha is a rugged Android phone for the outdoors

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archos quecha phone

Rugged Android phones are usually rugged, ugly, low-spec and running an outdated version of Android. The new Archos Quecha isn’t though!

How to cut your own Nano or Micro SIM

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how to cut your own sim using scissors

Learn how to quickly and easily cut down your SIM. How to cut your own Nano or Micro SIM for your Android phone or tablet.

What is NFC? And what it can be used for

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what is nfc hero

While NFC is nothing new to today’s smartphones, the feature is only now becoming more common. So what is NFC? Why is it on your phone, and how can you use it?

BenQ F3 with MT6589 and 4.5″ screen goes on sale in China

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BenQ is a brand you might remind you of your good old desktop monitor or your age old digital camera. The very brand stepped in to the ever-growing smartphone business some time back, and has now launched the quad-core BenQ F3.

The Huangzu K1 aka Kingzone K1 just got all the more awesome!

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We’ve been noticing a sort of a new ‘trend’ with Chinese manufacturers of cloning Huawei Ascend P6′s design. One such device is the Huangzu K1 aka Kingzone K1, about which we wrote recently.

Jack Wong speaks about Meizu MX4G, could have Qualcomm CPU!

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meizu mx3 hands on

The year isn’t over yet, but Meizu’s Jack Wong is already leaking details of his companies next phone, the Meizu MX4G!

Huawei G730 comes with a 5.5-inch display, quad-core CPU for $130

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huawei g730 network license

Huawei already have a low-cost version of their unreleased 8-core G750 ready for launch, the Huawei G730 get’s the same size display but some cost effective spec choices to reduce the price.

Vivo Xplay 3S renders show colour options

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vivo xplay 3s renders

Could the Vivo Xplay 3S be available in a number of colour options? Well this render suggests it will, more details after the jump!

Oppo R829T could be the Oppo R1, more leaked images

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oppo r1 leaked images

Oppo’s entry-level Mediatek phones are looking rather nice! The latest leaks show the all glass design with an all new Oppo R1 name.

Xiaocai G6 Elite, a Hongmi rival with 12 mega-pixel rear camera!

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xiaocai g6 elite

Xiaocai are launched another low-cost phone, this time aimed at the entry-level market, but does the Xiaocai G6 Elite have the goods to take on the might Xiaomi Hongmi?

Oppo N1 available internationally from 10th December!

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Top 8 Chinese Android phones for Christmas 2013

Oppo’s large screen, rotating camera Android smartphone will go on sale internationally from December 10th!

Huangzu K1 is another Ascent P6 clone, but with octacore processor!

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Huawei’s Ascend P6 has not only proven to be popular with customers but also phone makers who are building clones around the slender phone!