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Another octa-core phablet hits China as Newman K2S goes on sale for $310

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Octa-core phablets galore, as another one hits the shelves in China. Festivities for the Chinese New Year seem to have begun already!

Snapdragon 800 Xiaomi Mi3 Available in Rose Pink this month!

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pink xiaomi mi3

Valentines day isn’t until next month, but if you are thinking of getting your significant other something from the heart why not a Rose Pink Xiaomi Mi3?

CyanogenMod for the FAEA F2S getting closer!

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faea f2s cyanogenmod

The FAEA development team have been working to bring CyanogenoMod to the FAEA F2S for quite some time now and is seems some large steps have been made.

UMi X3 details reveal LG FHD display, LTE and 64GB memory!

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umi x3 coming soon hero

UMi are quietly getting ready to launch their latest X model on to the mobile phone world and leaked details give us some idea of what we an expect from the flagship UMi X3 phone!

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 now official in China for $440

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Huawei releases their latest Android monster phablet on the Chinese phone market. The LTE equipped Huawei Ascend Mate 2 at a price of just $440!


Six LTE-enabled smartphones from Hisense make way into the China market

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Hisense is in the news again, thanks to the array of smartphones that they’ve released in China, six in total all featuring fast 4G LTE connectivity!

Elephone P7 mini now on sale for $122.99 internationally

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elephone p7 mini

Start-up phone maker Elephone have released their latest quad-core phone, the Elephone P7 Mini at a low-price of $122.99 with international availability!

iOcean G7, 6.44-inch octacore phablet announced

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iocean g7

iOcean are full of surprises and have launched their iOcean G8 6.44-inch octacore phablet at the same time as their new flagship phone.

Breaking! iOcean X8 announced with 2.0Ghz octaocre, Gorilla Glass body!

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iocean x8

iOcean have been taking their time before releasing their new flagship phone and I am glad they did as from the specifications the iOcean X8 appears to be the most desirable octacore phone from China to date!

HTC reportedly stumped by OnePlus’ ‘One+’ trademark!

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OnePlus logo

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC might just find themselves in a fix after trademark filing by comparatively lesser-known manufacturer.

Meet the Desire 300, HTC’s Sub $200 Phone

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HTC has been struggling with its flagship phone sales, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they have decided to attack the other end of the market.

Oppo Find 7 to use ’Super Screen 2.0’

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oppo find 7

It’s been a little quiet on the Oppo Find 7 front recently but details are still slipping out about the new flagship phone and its so called ’Super Screen ‘ 2.0.

Meizu will announce European expansion next month!

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meizu mx3 hands on

Meizu have already announced it plans to launch in the US in Q3 of this year, but the premium Chinese phone maker will be headed to Europe before that!

Hisense VIDAA box takes a shot at the Xiaomi Box for living-room dominance

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hisense viddaa box

Xiaomi might have gotten a head start on the low-end, high-quality Android market, but competitors like Hisense and it’s VIDAA box are catching up fast.

Coolpad sells 50,000 7-inch CoolPad Halo phones in 18 seconds!

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coolpad great god 7 inch hero

Think Xiaomi are the only ones able to sell out stock of their latest phones in a few seconds? Think again as Coolpad managed to ship 50,000 phones in only 18 seconds!

JiaYu F1 announced for just $50! Full specifications

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jiayu f1 price and specifications

JiaYu have finally revealed full details and specifications of the new budget JiaYu F1 smartphone which costs an amazing $50!

Budget Huawei P6, aka G6 turns up for Ministry approval in China

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huawei ascend g6

Huawei have just received network approval for another low-cost smartphone this time based on the design of the wafer thin Huawei Ascend P6.

Finally! CyanogenMod installer for Mac available!

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Cyanogenmod chinese phones

If you are a Mac user (like me) and have been waiting for a simple way to installer CyanogenMod on your Android device then get ready to rejoice as the CyanogenMod installer for Mac is now available!

Meizu Russia Confirms Ubuntu is officially in the works!

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meizu mx3 ubuntu

Although we have seen numerous leaked photos and even video of the Meizu MX3 we have had nothing official from Meizu about the details until today.

Huawei preparing 3 new mobile processors including a 64bit octacore chip with LTE!

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Chinese device maker Huawei have produced a number of phone running their own Hisilicon processors, but thing are about to heat up as the company prepares 3 new chipsets!