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Update: The Strange Moves and Big Mistakes of Oneplus’ Debut

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OnePlus had managed to build up a large amount of hype for its debut flagship phone the OnePlus One. Now, it is struggling to match those expectations.

Oppo N1 price cut on Oppo Style

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The Oppo N1 has had it’s price slashed by as much as $100 USD on the Oppo Style website.

Oppo Find 7a Update – What are ghost touches?

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oppo find 7 review

After reviewing the Oppo Find 7a and using the phone since the day after the official launch, I thought it was about time I posted an update. It isn’t good news though.

Rumour: Meizu plan to hit Xiaomi where it hurts with the Meizu MX4

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meizu box

There is no love lost between Xiaomi and Meizu and it’s only going to escalate, well if these rumours are true, with the launch of the Meizu MX4.

Official: CyanogenMod 11S screenshots straight from the OnePlus One

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cm new logo

OnePlus attempt to clear the air surrounding the customized CyanogenMod OS the OnePlus One will run, CyanogenMod 11S with a few screenshots from the device.

TRI SIM GreenOrange N1S will cost from $240 in China

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greenorange n1s

Phone maker GreenOrange will launch their TRI SIM, octacore, GreenOrange N1S in China from just $240.

Waterproof No.1 S7, Galaxy S5 clone costs just $155

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no 1 s7

GooPhone might be the most infamous of clone makers, but China’s No.1 aren’t too far behind. Their recently launched S7 phone continues the knock off theme but fails to deliver as promised.

Here is the official JiaYu G6 advertising material!

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jiayu g6 renders

The race is on between JiaYu and iOcean as to who will launch their octacore phablet first, iOcean say it will be then and could be early as next week, JiaYu retaliate by releasing press renders!

New Gionee Elife E7 Mini model is the first quad-core MT6588 device

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Remember the Gionee Elife E7 mini with rotating camera? Well it is back but now with a quad-core MT6588 Mediatek option.

Why we didn’t post the OnePlus leaks

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Today purported leaked images of the OnePlus One flagship phone have been posted on numerous sites. We haven’t posted them and here’s why.

OnePlus Trolls Xiaomi on Twitter

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We have already mentioned that Xiaomi, along with ZTE and Huawei, are hoping to upset the OnePlus launch, but in true style the young phone start up is taking this as a marketing opportunity.

OnePlus One to cost under $400, here’s exactly how much

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oneplus sketch

We know that the OnePlus One will cost under $400, but how much exactly? This leaked picture seems to know.

OrientPhone Mega Pro 7 or iOcean G7?

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orientphone mega pro 7.0

Two fantastic monster phablets, both with similar specs but which would you choose?

Meizu Releases Concept Screens Of Flyme 4.0, Brings Android 4.4

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Meizu’s forked version of Android, Flyme 4.0, is still a ways off. However, concept images of the OS have been posted to its official Weibo account.

A brief history of Xiaomi – China’s tech success story!

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xiaomi lei jun

A brief history of China’s Xiaomi. Where did they come from, what have they achieved and where are they heading!

iOcean X8 photo samples

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iocean x8 sample photo

Photo samples taken with the rear 14 mega-pixel camera of the iOcean X8 phablet. What do you make of these images?

ZTE Star 1 Now Official, Costs $224, On Sale Now

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We found out about the ZTE Star 1 a few days ago after images of it leaked onto the net. Now ZTE has gone ahead and released the device to the Chinese buying public.

Google’s next Nexus to rock a MediaTek chipset?

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mediatek nexus

Could the latest Mediatek suitor be Google’s very own Nexus smartphone range?

OnePlus One will be sold via invitations!

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oneplus invite system

If you want to get your hands on the OnePlus One Android phone you won’t be expected to preorder the device and wait, instead you will have to be invited!

7-inch, 4G LTE Huawei Honor X1 will launch 22nd April

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huawei honor x1

Next week is certainly one to mark in your calendars, ZTE, Xiaomi and OnePlus will launch new device and now even Huawei enter the fold with the LTE Huawei Honor X1!