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Concept Video gives us first look at Meizu Max tablet and Flyme 3.0!

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meizu max tablet concept video

I’ve long been a fan of Meizu and their Flyme OS, and like many Meizu fans I’ve often wondered what a Meizu tablet would look like. Well wonder no longer as here is a video of the Meizu Max concept tablet complete with Flyme 3.0!

Hands-on Video Samsung Galaxy S4 mockup

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samsung galaxy s4 hands on video

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t usually the type of phone we report on here at Gizchina, but when a early hands-on video shows up way ahead of release how can we not post it!

Star S7180 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone hands on video!

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star s7180 samsung galaxy note 2 clone hands on video

The Star S7180 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone is one gift we would love to find in our stocking this Christmas. Find out just how good this knock-off Note 2 is in these hands on video’s after the break!

Oppo Find 5 hands on videos! 4 full videos of the new Oppo Find 5 here!

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oppo find 5 hands on video hero

Oppo’s fantastic new phone, the Oppo Find 5 has only been official for a few hours, but this hasn’t stopped various hands on videos from leaking on to the internet and we have 4 of them right here!

Oppo Find 5 officially launched! Specification, photos and video here!

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The Oppo Find 5 is finally here and it looks and sounds truly amazing! Keep reading for full specification details, features, photos and video of this 5-inch , 1080p Android super phone here!

Meizu MX2 goes on sale 19th December still accepting M8 trade-ins

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The Meizu MX2 is easily the best made, and performing Meizu phone to date. But the best bit is the fact the MX2 will go on sale from the 19th December and will be available from physical stores at launch!

Gizchina first! Meizu MX2 hands on video! It’s a good ‘un!

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The Gizchina were in Shenzhen last week enjoying some winter sun, and also checking out the latest gadgets! What we didn’t plan on though is getting some early hands on time with the latest Meizu MX2 phone!

The Journey of Oppo Brings us to the Oppo Find 5 launch! Video

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Quick name a really exciting Chinese phone that you must have! If you said the Oppo Find 5 then congratulations as you have chosen what is easily the most anticipated Chinese smartphone of the year! But how did Oppo get from where they were to where they are today?

All your Meizu MX2 hands on and promotional videos here!

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To say that I’m excited about the Meizu MX2 would be a minor understatement, and the more I read and see the more excited I am becoming! Keep reading to see hands on videos and promotional videos of the quad-core MX2.

Oppo Find 5 screen resolution confirmed at 1920 x 1080 could also get 16MP camera!

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The Oppo Find 5 is one of the most anticipated Chinese phones of the year thanks to it’s high specification coupled with it stunning design. Today Oppo released a video confirming the Oppo Find 5 1920 x 1080 resolution along with other details.

Gizchina Exclusive: JiaYu G3 Unboxing and Hands on video!

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Ever since i first wrote about the JiaYu G3 I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these great looking phones to see if it was actually worth all the hype, well that day has finally come and today my JiaYu G3 review phone arrived! Keep reading for the hands on video!

Zopo ZP300+ Field Hands on Video Review

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Another day another video review from Gizchina! This time we take a few minutes to look at the Dual-core Zopo ZP300+ Field Android smart phone!

Zopo ZP500+ Libero Hands on Video!

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The Zopo ZP500+ Libero is the updated dual-core MT6577 version of the original ZP500 and here is our hands on video with this great quality, entry-level Zopo phone!

Exclusive: UMi X1 unboxing and hands on video!

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Our UMi X1 review phone arrived at Gizchina’s office this weekend! Take a look at our unboxing video and quick hands on of this high performance dual-core Android phone!

Hero H2000+ iPhone 5 clone hands on video!

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The Hero H2000+ is one of the first iPhone 5 clones which is available now to buy from China. We have already posted a full review, but now we have an exclusive hands of video for you!

Onyx E-ink Android phone hands on video

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Earlier today we broke news of Chinese E-book maker Onyx and their E-ink display Android smart phone, now we have a better look at the prototype sample in this hands on video!

Subor Dream X dual-core MT6577 boot up and gaming videos!

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We know the specification and even have a good idea of how the Subor Dream X dual-core MT6577 phone will look, and now we have some performance proof in the shape of gaming and boot up videos. Watch the dual-core Dream X videos after the jump!

Mogu M2 MT6577 Dual-core Gaming Demo

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The Mogu M2 (Mushroom M2) is still in the testing phase but looks like it is pretty much ready for production and to begin shipping, and if this gaming demo is anything to go buy this is going to be one powerful MT6577 dual-core phone!

This HTC One X clone is a possible JiaYu G3 alternative!

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As I have mentioned before it’s not an easy task to be classed as a JiaYu G3 alternative, but this HTC One X clone has the specifications and the looks to be considered a suitable replacement for the infamous Chinese phone.

Workers at Apple Foxconn Factory Rioting over guard beatings!

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Breaking news this morning! It turns out that factory workers at a Foxconn factory, and Apple supplier in TaiYuan, China have been rioting due to alleged beatings by Foxconn guards! Photos and video after the jump.