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Watch the real iPhone 5 boot up with iOS 6 in this leaked Foxconn Video!

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Ok so we were all pretty sure what the new iPhone 5 (6th generation iPhone) was going to look like before, but it is nice that we have finally got some confirmation and in the form of a video showing the new iPhone 5 booting up! Video after the jump!

Video: JiaYu G3 Hands on Gaming Test!

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More good news guys we have a hands on video with the JiaYu G3 showing off this Chinese phones gaming capabilities! Keep reading to watch the video after the break!

Exclusive: Leaked Xiaomi M2 hands on video

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The Xiaomi M2 was released earlier today and we have the full specification here! But if you want to have a quick look at what the next generation quad-core Xiaomi looks like keep reading to watch this video!

Xiaomi M2 full specification, videos, photos! Everything you need to know!

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It’s been an exciting day for fans of Android phones as China’s Xiaomi have released not 1 but 2 fantastic phones! Keep reading for full details of the Xiaomi M2 the world’s fastest quad-core phone!

You can cut a watermelon on the Newman N1 Gorilla glass Chinese phone: Video!

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Another great video showing off the strength of a low cost Chinese phone! This time we get a good look at the Newman N1 being put through a nasty looking screen scratch resistance test!


JiaYu G3 Gorilla Glass Scratch Test Video!

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By now all those interested will know that the JiaYu G3 dual-core Chinese phone will ship with Corning Gorilla glass but until now there was no hard evidence. Keep reading to watch the JiaYu G3 Gorilla glass scratch test video.

Breaking News: Hands on iPhone 5 video from Meox

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Good morning all! It’s a dull rainy day here so what better to brighten up our day than to start with an exclusive hands on iPhone 5 video from Meox showing the 4 inch device in all its iOS glory!

Dual Core Beidou Little Pepper Hands on Video, Pictures and where to buy!

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Beidou have been doing a fantastic job of whipping everyone up in to a frenzy over there dual and quad-core Little Pepper Phones, and finally we have video and a place to buy one thanks to Gizchina reader leandro!

World’s Thinnest Phone Is Strong Enough To Knock Nails in to Wood!

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I’ve seen a few video’s demonstrating the strength of various phones. From using the Meizu MX as a bottle opener to skimming smartphones across a lake (video soon), but this is the first time I’ve seen one used as a hammer!

Knock Off Xiaomi With Siri and Front Camera!

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Chinese phones, especially the knock off variety used to pale in comparison to their genuine counterparts. This is not longer the case as the Xiao Xiaomi M2 One (knock off Xiaomi) phone proves!

Download Flyme 1.0.1 for All Meizu Phones Now!

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Meizu have been on a release and launch marathon this week, with the Chinese company launching the Quad Core version of the MX, an updated dual core MX and now Flyme 1.0.1 OS for all Meizu Android phones!

Huawei The Big Brand The U.S Has Never Heard Of

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I remember back in the 90’s when a little known company named Daewoo released an ad campaign which showed it as the ‘biggest company you have never heard of’ well it didn’t pay off for Daewoo and I don’t think it is hitting the buttons for China’s Huawei!

Exclusive CutePad Q5 Hands On Video!

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The Cutepad Q5 has been taking the internet by storm since we announced the 5 inch tablet earlier this week, now we have an exclusive hands on video with this $99 3G and GPS Android tablet. Video and more details after the jump!

How To Root The Meizu MX Video

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how to root meizu mx,meizu mx android phone,how to root meizu video

The dual core version of the Meizu MX has been out for a while, and as such has finally been graced with a hack to bring full root access to the Chinese smartphone. Full video and instructions on how to root the Meizu MX after the jump.

MIUI Spotted On Zopo ZP100 Android Phone

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zopop zp100 spotted running xiaomi Miui

Zopo are proving that they really care what their customers want and have been playing around with Xiaomi’s MIUI ROM on their very own low cost super phone the ZOPO ZP100! Video after the jump.

Meizu MX Used as Bottle Opener Running Unreleased FlyMe OS 1.0

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meizu flyme os 1.0 leaked

Of all the bizarre titles we have ever written the above takes the biscuit! Not only is a video of someone successfully opening a bottle of beer with their Meizu MX newsworthy enough, but it turns out the MX on the video is running an unreleased OS!

Lenovo Launches IdeaTab S2109 Android 4.0 Tablet

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IdeaTab S2109 hands on video and specifcation details,IdeaTab S2109 price,IdeaTab S2109 launch date

Lenovo are continuing with their support for Android as a Tablet OS with the recent launch of their latest (greatest?) Android tablet, the Lenovo IdeaTab S2109. Video and specifications after the jump.

Apple Not Happy With Early 4G LTE iPad Review!

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the first review of the new 4g ipad upsets apple

We have no idea what has happened to Apple and it’s secretive grasp of it’s new products but first we had this unboxing and brief hands on video with the new 4G iPad, and now we have 2 more new iPad videos with comparisons thanks to Hong Kong based tech magazine PCM!

Could this Xiaomi Clone Be Better Than the Real Thing!

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this cheap knock off has a front camera and dual sim support

We like the Xiaomi M1 Android smartphone here at Gizchina. It has a great camera, tons of RAM, a powerful CPU and a low price, but there are a few things missing such as a front camera, choice of colours and dual sim, features which this clone Xiaomi packs!

Apple’s New iPad Gets Unboxing and Hands on Video Before Launch!

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the new ipad gets an early unboxing video

We don’t know how they managed to do it but the guys over at Vietnamese website have managed to get their hands on the new iPad before the official launch date this weekend and post an unboxing video. Watch it after the jump.