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GooApple V5 In Depth Hands On Video!

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We have been lucky enough to have been playing with the latest generation GooApple V5 over the past few weeks. Unfortunately we no longer have the V5, aka the best damned iPhone 4S knock off to date, as it is on it’s way back to the guys at (thanks Shine!). We do however have […]

Ainol Novo 7 Get Ice-cream Sandwich Update: Video

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Ainol Novo 7 ice cream sandwich tablet hands on video

Ainol (tee hee) have updated the 7-inch Novo 7 with a full ICS (Ice-cream Sandwich) Android 4.0 update, bring the bargain tablet right up to date with the current crop of ICS tablets emerging from China. Get the Aino Novo 7 full specification and watch the hands on video after the jump!

H1Siri Brings Siri To the iPhone 4: How To!

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H1Siri brings siri to the iPhone 4 cydia hack

This is the real deal! Chinese dev team CD-Dev Team, have released a free to download Cydia application which will give your iPhone 4 new Siri powers! Watch the video and find out how you can add Siri to your iPhone 4 after the jump!

How is this guy breathing smoke and fire!?

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chinese man breathes smoke and fire video

I have no idea how this guy is doing it, but as you will see in the video below he is managing to a) Breath smoke and b)breath FIRE!! The video starts off with a cap wearing Chinese man stuffing an unknown white powder in to his mouth, once firmly packed he then proceeds to […]

How To: Unlock iPhone 4S without a Jailbreak! Video

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how to unlock iPhone 4s without jailbreak instructions and video

One of the many problems people were having when purchasing iPhone 4′s was the fact that many of the phones were locked to certain carriers. To unlock them you would need to Jailbreak their phone and use a Cydia hack, but a new exploit found in iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S allow users to […]


iPhone 4S Gets Untethered Jailbreak Thanks to Chinese Hackers!

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how to jailbreak iphone 4s video

Good news iPhone 4S owners! A group of famous Chinese iOS hackers, known as “CN Dev Team” are claiming that they have successfully produced a jailbreak for the iPhone 4S. Not only are “CN Dev Team” saying they have jailbroken the latest iPhone, but it looks to be an untethered hack!

GooApple V5 Screen Same As iPhone 4S?

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gooapple v5 retina display on iphone 4s video

The GooApple V5 represents the best in Apple design, Android OS functionality and knock-0ff ingenuity, but unlike other knock-offs , the GooApple is a least equal to the genuine iPhone 4S in capability and may possibliy share some of the same hardware as the Apple smartphone! Our good friends over at Android-sale decided to conduct […]

Knock Off Xperia Arc with 4-inch screen for $100! Hands on Video!

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sony ericsson xperia arc clone hands on video picture

Let’s take a break from the numerous knock off Apple iPads and fake iPhone 4′s, and take a look at what must be one of the best 4-inch screened Chinese Android smart phones on the market today! Sure, this 4-inch Android branded smart-phone looks suspiciously like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, but let’s look past […]

WoPad V7 Supports Skype Video Chat: Video

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HTC desire clone

The WoPad was one of the original standout Android tablets from China, featuring a 7-inch multi-touch capacitive screen and Samsung CPU. The V7 version of the Wopad gets a few upgrades over the original Wopad, but most impressive of all is the fact the V7 will support video chat over Skype, something which many Android […]

Over 3000 People Are Waiting For The iPhone 4S in Hong Kong!

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police guard the apple store in hong kong to prevent violence at the iPhone 4s launc

The iPhone 4S officially goes on sale in Hong Kong tomorrow morning at 7am, but the excitement, suspense and carnage already started last night and seems to be continuing today.

Apple Fan Boys Excited Over Possible iPad 2 Jailbreak: Video

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Apple fans across the globe are currently in hysterics over the possibility the iPad 2, and iPhone 4S have been successfully Jailbroken. The news comes from ‘iPhone Dev Team’ member Musclenerd who has posted a video (after the jump) of an iPad 2 which has received the Jailbreak treatment. While the news is obviously excising […]

Exclusive: New GooApple V5 with Retina Display Hands On Video!

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GooApple have quietly launched their latest generation Android smartphone, the GooApple V5! Like the previous GooApple and GooApple 3G, this 3rd generation GooApple has the iPhone 4 external appearance, but with an Android powered O.S. Update: Pricing and where to buy details! Check out the exclusive GooApple V5 Hands on Video after the jump!

Shanghai Subway in trouble again! Video

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Shanghai’s subway service is a necessary evil in the modern sprawling city. The subway does give commuters a fast, cheap and convenient way to move about the city, but when things go wrong they can be and have been life or death!

Siri Ported To iPhone 4: Video

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  So it looks as thought there could be the faintest glimmer of hope that iPhone 4 owners will be able to get the Siri voice personal assistant feature on their previous generation iPhone’s! Video after the jump!

Video: How Does Siri Handle Japanese English?

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  I was blown away after watching Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri promo, the voice activated personal asisstant seemed to listen and understand spoken natural English! However, I did wonder how the iPhone 4S would handle commands spoken in other languages, or even English commands spoken by none native speakers. Thankfully the Japanese have the answers […]

iPhone 4S gets an iFixit tear down: Video

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  The iFixit crew have got their hands and tools on the the latest iPhone have have ripped her to pieces!

UFO Spotted Over Hubei: Video

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  It seems aliens know that Halloween is on the way as yet another UFO has been spotted over the skies of China. This time the unidentified flying object was seen flying in the blue skies of Hubei province above the Yandi statue. The mystery object was caught on camera by a tourist visit the […]

Exclusive iPhone 4S Pre-Launch Hands On Video!

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The iPhone 4S isn’t supposed to launch in Europe and the States until tomorrow and a date for China hasn’t even been set, but that hasn’t stopped one lucky Chinese Apple fan get his hands on the iPhone 4S before launch! Video after the jump.

Friday Fun: iPad Will it Blend?

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blendtec ipad

The ‘Will It Blend’ team got hold of Apple’s iPad!

Farmer Wu and his Robots Children

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Farmer Wu and robot

Farmer Wu, his Rickshaw robot and other robot creations will be attending this year World Expo in Shanghai. Check out the video to see his robot family in action.