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Gizchina Exclusive: JiaYu G3 Unboxing and Hands on video!

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Ever since i first wrote about the JiaYu G3 I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these great looking phones to see if it was actually worth all the hype, well that day has finally come and today my JiaYu G3 review phone arrived! Keep reading for the hands on video!

Zopo ZP300+ Field Hands on Video Review

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Another day another video review from Gizchina! This time we take a few minutes to look at the Dual-core Zopo ZP300+ Field Android smart phone!

Zopo ZP500+ Libero Hands on Video!

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The Zopo ZP500+ Libero is the updated dual-core MT6577 version of the original ZP500 and here is our hands on video with this great quality, entry-level Zopo phone!

Exclusive: UMi X1 unboxing and hands on video!

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Our UMi X1 review phone arrived at Gizchina’s office this weekend! Take a look at our unboxing video and quick hands on of this high performance dual-core Android phone!

Hero H2000+ iPhone 5 clone hands on video!

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The Hero H2000+ is one of the first iPhone 5 clones which is available now to buy from China. We have already posted a full review, but now we have an exclusive hands of video for you!

Onyx E-ink Android phone hands on video

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Earlier today we broke news of Chinese E-book maker Onyx and their E-ink display Android smart phone, now we have a better look at the prototype sample in this hands on video!

Subor Dream X dual-core MT6577 boot up and gaming videos!

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We know the specification and even have a good idea of how the Subor Dream X dual-core MT6577 phone will look, and now we have some performance proof in the shape of gaming and boot up videos. Watch the dual-core Dream X videos after the jump!

Mogu M2 MT6577 Dual-core Gaming Demo

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The Mogu M2 (Mushroom M2) is still in the testing phase but looks like it is pretty much ready for production and to begin shipping, and if this gaming demo is anything to go buy this is going to be one powerful MT6577 dual-core phone!

This HTC One X clone is a possible JiaYu G3 alternative!

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As I have mentioned before it’s not an easy task to be classed as a JiaYu G3 alternative, but this HTC One X clone has the specifications and the looks to be considered a suitable replacement for the infamous Chinese phone.

Workers at Apple Foxconn Factory Rioting over guard beatings!

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Breaking news this morning! It turns out that factory workers at a Foxconn factory, and Apple supplier in TaiYuan, China have been rioting due to alleged beatings by Foxconn guards! Photos and video after the jump.

Exclusive Pipo M1 1.6Ghz Android Jelly Bean Tablet hands on Video!

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The Pipo M1 is possibly one of the best value Android tablets on the market today! Not only does it have the latest Android Jelly Bean OS, but it also boasts a great screen and a super performing Rockchips 1.6Ghz dual core CPU! Hands on video after the jump!

Part 4: Zopo ZP900 Leader Review hands-on video!

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Here it is the 4th and final part of our Zopo ZP900 Leader review! I’m sorry it has taken such a long time but the hands on video is just after the jump!

Watch the JiaYu G3 Smash Walnuts with its Screen!

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The JiaYu G3 seems to be the ultimate Android phone! Not only does it come at a super low price, but it is also packed with great features one of which its Gorilla Glass screen. So how tough is the G3’s screen? Find out in this walnut smashing video!

JiaYu G3 Unboxing Video!

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Although JiaYu haven’t started to ship out the dual-core G3’s which were pre-ordered yesterday, lucky media types across China have been receiving their test units all week (lucky …..) Keep reading to watch the unboxing video!

Watch the real iPhone 5 boot up with iOS 6 in this leaked Foxconn Video!

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Ok so we were all pretty sure what the new iPhone 5 (6th generation iPhone) was going to look like before, but it is nice that we have finally got some confirmation and in the form of a video showing the new iPhone 5 booting up! Video after the jump!

Video: JiaYu G3 Hands on Gaming Test!

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More good news guys we have a hands on video with the JiaYu G3 showing off this Chinese phones gaming capabilities! Keep reading to watch the video after the break!

Exclusive: Leaked Xiaomi M2 hands on video

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The Xiaomi M2 was released earlier today and we have the full specification here! But if you want to have a quick look at what the next generation quad-core Xiaomi looks like keep reading to watch this video!

Xiaomi M2 full specification, videos, photos! Everything you need to know!

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It’s been an exciting day for fans of Android phones as China’s Xiaomi have released not 1 but 2 fantastic phones! Keep reading for full details of the Xiaomi M2 the world’s fastest quad-core phone!

You can cut a watermelon on the Newman N1 Gorilla glass Chinese phone: Video!

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Another great video showing off the strength of a low cost Chinese phone! This time we get a good look at the Newman N1 being put through a nasty looking screen scratch resistance test!

JiaYu G3 Gorilla Glass Scratch Test Video!

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By now all those interested will know that the JiaYu G3 dual-core Chinese phone will ship with Corning Gorilla glass but until now there was no hard evidence. Keep reading to watch the JiaYu G3 Gorilla glass scratch test video.