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If you are one of the addicted sport freaks then maybe we have a tip for you. Wireless Dodocool Sports Headphones are constructed specially for the sport activities and with IPX 4 rating it's...

Dual camera phones are the current flavor of the month and with the end of the year rapidly approaching more and more of the chinese manufacturers are trying board the train to have at...

What's the standard battery capacity these days ? I would say that the average would be circling roughly about 3000 mAh, but of course the bigger the better. And with a massive 4500 mAh...

Heart rate monitors are fairly common function for most of the wearable gadgets, but have it directly built-in inside a smartphone it's still a very rare sight. And the new Bluboo Edge has exactly...
Vorke Z1

The ability to turn your old trustworthy TV companion into a smart media center loaded with functions and content options is pretty appealing and gone are the days or fairly weak TV boxes. New...


As expected, Meizu has gone ahead and launched the new M5 Note earlier today. Also as expected, it follows the typical Meilan formula to a T.

The Honor 8 has been one of the most successful devices ever released by a Chinese company, but how does it fare in our full review? Read on to find out.
Meizu Band

Seems like Meizu are finally getting into the wearables game as their first entry in Meizu Band gets officially launched in China today. It aims to offer quality build and functions comparable to Fitbit...

Folks, this is what you've all been waiting for. The pinnacle of innovation and creativity has brought upon us this brilliant thing.

We took the new budget phone from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime out for a bit of a spin. Here are the results for you to see!
vivo xplay 6

Vivo are using double numbers to launch their first dual (rear) camera phone, the Vivo Xplay 6.

Despite those compelling images yesterday, Meizu boss Huang Zhang has denied his company will release a curved display phone today.

Elephone, in their quest to stay in the headlines, has sent more images of their upcoming ELE Box speaker.

The ZUK Edge unveiling invitations have been sent out, and with this, the ZUK Edge is now set to launch on the 7th of December. In other words, tomorrow.

Hey there, welcome to our new feature, the Crowdfunding Spotlight.. Today, we'll be taking a look at Insta360's new smartphone add-on, the Insta360 Air.

The Ulefone Armor is a rugged IP68-rated smartphone on pre-sale now. Here's a rather extreme 'extreme test' being performed on the device!

Latest Bluboo model is just entering the presale period too and Bluboo Dual aims to compete in the recent influx of cheap dual-camera phones. Prices are looking fairly competitive, but before we get to...

Oukitel U20 Plus is a new device coming to the market with a dual camera design and usually such phones belong to the upper echelon of the price range. But that's not the case...

We have already written more than enough about the new Uhans device, the Uhans H5000 so everything is laid in the open out there. But today we have good news for those who would...

Remember those TENAA leaks of Gionee's new device from a couple of weeks ago? Well, here it is again, now in its own teaser image.

Up until now, you could only get the Phab2 Pro in the US, but now you can get the it in Europe as well, all for the price of €499 (roughly $530).

The new Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD from Xiaomi are now being offered to buyers in the US.

A new mystery smartphone from the Meizu stables has leaked with a curved display. It's being said that it could be the 'Meizu Four'.

If you've ever wanted to get a taste of wearable technology without spending too much, here's your chance at getting some for free!
zuk edge

There have been plenty of images released of the ZUK Edge, but none have been clear enough to give a good look at the phone until today!


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