Spyker Releases Saab 92 Concept

A few months ago BAIC (Beijing Autos) were in talks with GM to buy their ailing Saab brand, unluckily for them the deal wasn’t pulled off due to government deadlines, and all they managed to get were the plans and rights to build Saab 95 based vehicles. You can find more info on the BAIC 95 on chinacartimes.com.

One persons missfortune is anothers extremely good luck, and in this case the lucky ones are true car fanatics.

Spyker, the Dutch super car maker, have just released concept pictures of their planned Saab 92. The original 92 was a 1950’s rally trooper in direct competition with Austin’s Mini and Fiat’s 500! I imagine Spyker are after the same competition, but they also have to deal with an upcoming DS.

More pictures after the jump!

Thankfully Spyker have decided to keep the design of the concept true to the original.

I’m pretty confident in saying if BAIC had got Saab, a retro styled 92 would be the last thing we would have seen.

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