iPhone Nano Wannabe

If you just read the title, saw the image of the little pink iPhone alike, and now have the pop hit “Wannabe” by the now defunct Spice Girls buzzing around your head I sincerely apologize and sympathise. It wasn’t my intention to inflict such a sensory shock to your system. I can only hope you, and your workmates can forgive me as you strut around work all day humming the late 90’s pop hit. And for goodness sake don’t click here!

However if you weren’t assaulted with such vivid flash backs, and uncontrollable “I’ll tell you what I want what I really really what” you, you lucky devil can skip the first paragraph! You don’t need to read it. You can skip this one too! But don’t click here!

Ever since the iPhones first brief glimpse of daylight, the gadget world has wondered when and if a Nano model would ever be released. I personally think a less feature rich, more fashionable iPhone Nano would hit the proverbial home run. I know for a fact my wife and her friends would love one, and if the price was right, I’d even consider getting one for the kids.

Unfortunately for my wife and kids, however there is no iPhone Nano (yet), but there is this iPhone Nano Wannabe!

Thanks to the power and sheer motivation of the Shanzhai crowd we are able to buy a phone, which has the outward appearance of what many believe an Nano iPhone would look like.

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For want of a better name I’m going to call it the Baby Spice iPhone, or BSIP for short.

The BSIP runs a custom O.S that mimics the look of Cupertino’s mobile O.S, but is obviously less polished and a little slow. Swiping left or right on the springboard will move you to the next page of Apps, but not in a liquid smooth way, but rather a dot matrix slow and ugly kind of way. Also the chances of you accidentally opening an app while attempting to flick through screens is pretty much 95% This is partially due to the buggy software and partially due to the non capacitive screen, meaning long nails or a stylus is needed for proper navigation.

From the outside the little BSIP looks quite nice and fits into even the smallest of pockets. The case comes in a vast array of colors (including my favorites Baby Pink and Slime Green) and looks rather stylish.

There are two rather huge surprises to this iPhone Nano wannabe, however:

  • The makers claim it packs an 8 that’s right 8 mega-pixel camera! If that’s the case your pictures will be at a better resolution than the screen is able to reproduce!
  • The price. This little phone isn’t just a little cheap, it’s shockingly cheap! At 350RMB ($51).
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If the Shanzhai companies producing these can keep going until Christmas without legal action trigger happy Job’s closing them down, I’ll be buying these as stocking fillers!

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