Asus and Hp Netbooks Available in Kit Form!!

Just when you thought the prices of netbook computers couldn’t get any cheaper up pops this little blighter in KIT FORM!!
The idea behind the SKD netbook is not only to reduce the cost’s but also make the computer easily configurable at home to suit your needs. Most people buy a netbook only to rip it apart after a few hours to fit a larger hard drive and more Ram, but this wont be the case for kit buyers, who only have to assemble their computers after choosing their desired upgrades.

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It also gives novices and more advanced computer users the confidence to make upgrades or repairs themselves, which will not only save money but will also help them to learn new skills and gain more computer based knowledge through doing the work themselves.

The kit comes in 3 main pieces, screen, keyboard and base, with the motherboard and other electronics pre installed, all you need to do is add your custom parts and screw the shell together.
Specs are the same as every other netbook on the market and for that matter and the fact these kits are highly versatile we’re sure we don’t need to repeat them.
Two models are available at the moment. The Asus S30 for 1720 RMB and the Hp 5101 for 1690 RMB.
These kits are a great idea, and would make great projects for students or hobbyists alike, we can also see the SKD’s becoming an excellent base for home made tablet computers!

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