Give your ride a retro fit, DIY, supercharged air conditioner Hainan style!

The owner of this little van in Hainan island China got so fed up with a/c failures he decided to fit a house a/c to the back of his van!

Hainan island is one of the most beautiful places in China. The tropical weather and fresh air mean the land is green and the skies are beautiful, but as you can imagine it’s pretty damn hot for most of the year!

With temperatures averaging between 18-28 degrees Celsius and highs of up to 40 it’s easy to see why so many of the smaller vans and cars there suffer from air conditioner failure.

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One ingenious soul has decided enough is enough however and has upgraded their poxy little a/c and retro fit a unit designed for keeping large apartments cool.
As you can see from the picture the owner of this little Mian Bao Che ( bread van) has strapped the huge unit to the back of his little van, a van we might add that only has enough power in it’s 800 cc motor to move it’s light frame never mind power a massive piece of machinery like the one attached.

To get around this rather troublesome problem the though the owner simply plugs the a/c in to the mains when parked up!
So it works when your at home, but not when your stuck in a traffic jam in a sweltering tropical summer heatwave!?

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