More 2nd Generation Apple Peel 520 Pictures

turn you iPod Touch 4 into an iPhone 4 with Apple Peel 520The latest Apple Peel follows on from the original 520’s party trick of being able to turn your iPod Touch in to a faux iPhone, but this time around the Apple Peel has recieved a seirous make-over and is now able to give the iPod touch 4G iPhone like powers!

More details and pictures after the jump!

Due to the newer iPod Touch’s thinner profile, Yosion have been able to make the latest Peel much smaller and thinner and more similar in design to the iPhone 4.

Turn your iPod touch 4 in to an iPhone 4 with the latest apple peel

The design looks to be finalised and feature a glossy black front and rear surrounded be an alloy border. On the left of the Peel there will be a couple of volume buttons (just like the iPhone 4) where as on the right there will be buttons to pick up and end calls.

It’s not sure when the 2nd generation Apple Peel 520 will launch, but expect prices of around 500 Yuan here in China and anywhere upwards of $100 in the U.S and other markets.

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