Watch Out iPad! Honeycomb is Coming For You!

2011 is going to be the year of the tablet! 2010 was the year of the iPad, and the 10” Apple device has really benefited from its 12 month head start, but 2011 will be very much the year of the ‘Tablet’.
According to analysis’s tens of millions of tablets will be sold this year, and the majority will be running Google’s new improved and tablet ready O.S, Honeycomb.
The latest installment of Android brings some great new features and functions to the once smart-phone only O.S, many of which will be old hat to iOS users, but others which iPad users could only dream about:

1) Android Honeycomb, combined with the new improved Android market lets users browse apps through through their devices app market, or via desktop computer just like the Apple app market, but the Android market allows apps to be installed over the air (OTA). No more remembering to carry pesky wires around with you, or even have your android tablet (or phone) with you when installing new apps!

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2) Honeycomb not only supports multiple cameras, but also supports the use of stereoscopic 3D cameras, meaning you will be able to snap photos and record video in full 3D glory! Honeycomb also connects to your Google Talk account and allows users to enjoy free video calling, which really throws down the gauntlet to Apple’s Facetime feature.

3) Honeycomb also supports multiple screen sizes meaning developers are able to build whatever size tablet they like, rather than having to stick to the 10” recipe iOS uses. Some may say (such as Steve Jobs) that a smaller tablet is useless, but the recent success of the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab should quieten those neigh-sayers!

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It will be an interesting year made even more exciting with the coming release of the iPad 2 and the 100’s of Honeycomb tablets, but it’s safe to say that 2011 will be the year of the Android Tablet.

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