My O.S is Faster Than Yours!

According to Blaze, and software company who have been testing iOS 4.3 and Android 2.3, Google’s latest OS updates gives it’s mobile Chrome browser a 52% speed advantage over the iPhone’s when surfing fortune 1000 websites.

Blaze discovered that 80% of the 1000 websites they tested opened up to 1 second faster on Android 2.3 when compared to iOS 4.3.

But is Blaze’s testing flawed? Many, including Apple think so.

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The dispute centers around how Blaze conducted the tests. Instead of using the official Chrome and Safari web browsers for testing, Blaze used embedded browsers that are roughly based on the default browsers. This, Apple says, is the reason for the huge difference in speed. Apple recently improved the iPhone’s web browser by adding Java’s faster engine, but the embedded browser doesn’t take advantage of the latest update.

That said though Google implemented the same Java updates in 2.3 and the emebedeed browser used for the testing also does make use of the update!!

So while Blaze’s testing may be flawed the results could still possibly read the same!

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