Is Amazon Planning Its Own Android Tablet?

Amazon already have a huge digital empire spanning from books and movies to music and now Android applications so what’s the next step for the online retail giant? Well some think an Android tablet device is!

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Back in 2009 Apple had a large digital library of music, music and iPhone apps and speculation started mounting about the possibility of an Apple tablet which was eventually realized and became the iPad and earlier this month the iPad 2, now the same people, analysts and journalists are predicting the same for Amazon.

If Amazon were to launch an Android tablet they would have major competition not from just Apple though, Barnes & Nobles Nook is getting a much wanted software update which will give the e-book reader all the qualities and functions of much costlier Android tablets. Then of course there is Apple’s iPad and with iTunes and the App Store, but Amazon would also have to take on Google, while also trying to convince the search giant to let them use the latest Honeycomb Android tablet OS!

Although it would make perfect sense for Amazon to launch its own Android device, we don’t imagine one will arrive anytime soon, but the rumors and speculation is still fun to read!

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