Triple Boot Tablet on the Way

Dual or Triple booting has been popular for computer fans and developers for years. The ability to boot your computer in to either a Window’s, Linux or if you’re naughty Mac OSX has huge benefits for those making multi-platform programs or applications, but is the ability to boot in to various operating systems of benefit for tablet users?

Australian company Evolve Three are now running up to launch their triple boot Windows, Android, Meego tablet making the most from the versatlity of the latest range of Atom Z670 processors.

Gizchina News of the week

As well as the unique (if personally speaking pointless) ability to run 3 operating systems, the 10.1 inch Maestro C tablet get’s a unique design as well as an included wireless keyboard (looks like something we’ve seen on Chinese websites recently).

We’re finding the idea of a triple boot tablet a little hard to swallow, and the rather pricey  list price doesn’t help either! $825! for the top of the range!

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