Latest 7-inch Android Tablet Measures Half an iPad at Only a Fraction of the Cost!

Half the size of an iPad, but just as much fun!

500 Yuan ($77) isn’t a lot of money, and as such we don’t expect to get much for what we pay for, and in some ways this 7 inch Android tablet follows that rule to a ‘T’, in others though, it throws the rule book out of the window!

Let’s start with the nit-picking first. The major gripe is that this little Android unit has not one, nor two cameras! It has a grand total of… zero!

Ok, now that’s out of the way let’s look at the plus+, and there are plenty of them.

A 7-inch capacitive screen is a bonus at this price!

First, the screen is a 7 inch 800 x 480, multi-touch capacitive unit! That’s right! Not a cheapo resistive screen, but a fully fledged capacitive unit!!

Nice clean design for $77!

That rather impressive screen, for the low price, is attached to a rather sturdy, yet light-weight, alloy body. The whole unit actually weighs in at a low 370g!

HDMI, USB, Micro USB and SD card reader are sometimes missing from tablets costing 4 times as much!

The alloy shell is punctured along the edges to provide various ports and plugs, ranging from a HDMI out, micro USB, full size USB, micro SD card reader, charger port and a 3.5mm head-phone jack.

Speakers are mounted on the edges rather than on the back.

There are also the familiar volume toggle and power buttons, plus a couple of speakers perforating the exterior.

The rear is similar in design to the 3G iPad

The back of the device looks similar to that of a 3G equipped iPad. The black plastic area provides less interference for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Under the impressive exterior lies the guts of this bargain Android tablet. And with such a great exterior we were expecting some major compromises on the inside, fortunately we were surprised to find;

Performance is good, almost on par with a Droid X

An AmLogic Core A9 CPU running at a snappy 800mhz, along with 512mb RAM and 4Gb of internal Flash memory. All of it works extremely well thanks to the Android 2.2 OS, which may not be the latest and greatest, but certainly performed well in our tests!

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According to our benchmark, this super cheap Android tablet is only fractionally slower than a Moto Droid X!!

Gaming performance is as good as tabelts costing alot more!

Overall, gaming, video playback, HTML 5 and Flash video streaming over Wi-fi, performed exceptionally well!

We’re still in shock that this unit costs only 500 Yuan! Only a year ago a similar unit with this kind of performance would have easily cost triple that amount!

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Via: Shanzhaiben

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