China Turns Old Soviet Aircraft Carrier in to 5 Star Hotel

former soviet unioin aircraft carrier hotel china
Once a ready for battle this aircraft carrier is ready to give the 5 star treatment

China’s military may be pleased with their new naval aircraft carrier, but it’s not the only one in China, as Tianjin city has just unveiled its very own aircraft carrier hotel!

tianjin china aircraft carrier hotel
Tianjin China's Aircraft Carrier Hotel open to the public 8th August


China’s first, possibly the worlds first, aircraft carrier hotel opened in Tianjin yesterday, 8th August.

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the interior of tianjin aircraft carrier hotel
How many aircraft carriers have you seen with a cow's skin rug?!

The Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Hotel, as it has been creatively named, is the former Soviet Union’s Flagship of the Pacific Fleet.

The once battle ready ship has been outfitted with all the luxuries of a 5 star hotel, complete with 2 presidential suites

1970s inspired room on tianjin aircraft carrier hotel
Not exactly our cup of tea!

Unfortunately for the poor former Soviet ship, someone involved in the interior design is living in a 1970’s B-movie alternate universe!

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