Did China Get a Sneak Inspection of Downed U.S Stealth Copter?

stealth helicopter
Did Chinese engineers get to take samples of the downed stealth copter?

Apparently the Pakistani government were so upset with the U.S over their Osama Bin Laden raid that before handing back the broken tail section of the ‘Airwolf’ stealth helicopter they let Chinese military engineers get a good look at it.

China and Pakistan have military ties linking the two countries back for decades, and many U.S personal have taken it as a given that Pakistan let China have a close look at the stealth copter before allowing the United States government to recover it.

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According to a report over at Wired, the U.S are not to worried with the Chinese getting to see the broken stealth prop as helicopter stealth technology has been highly documented since the 70’s, however they are concerned that the Chinese engineers were able to take samples of the ‘Airwolf’s’ stealth skin back to Beijing.

Although the principles behind stealth copters are widely known, the paint and radar absorbing skins are highly advanced technological secrets. If China managed to get a sample and are able to reverse engineer it, Beijing’s goal of an invisible to radar stealth fleet would be that much closer!

Via: Wired.com

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