Foxconn’s New Smartphone is called “Little Mistress”!

xiaomi android smartphone
Foxconn's new Android smartphone is called 'Little Mistress'!

The Xiaomi Android smartphone, with MiUi launched yesterday in Beijing, but just what is that name all about?

Foxconn should be no stranger to anyone with even a passing interest in gadgets and tech, but for those who don’t know, Foxconn is the company responsible for making iPhone’s, iPads, Playstations and Dell computers. They are also infamous for the suicide clusters which occurred last year at their Shenzhen based factories!

Yesterday, however was a time for celebration for the Taiwanese company as they launched their new dual core Android smartphone, Xiaomi!


So what does Xiaomi mean? Well ‘Xiao’ is small and the word ‘Mi’ means rice, so together the name would be ‘Small Rice’, however ‘Xiaomi’ also happens to mean ‘Little Mistress’!

So what in the world are Foxconn implying about their new phone?!

Answers on postcard please….

Thanks to Ash for the tip!

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