Foxconn Worker Fight Ends in Death!

man stabbed at foxconn
The blood soaked shirt of Ah Hao a worker at a Foxconn factory in China

A worker at a Foxconn factory in China has been stabbed to death because he wouldn’t share his newspaper!Two workers at a Foxconn factory in Guanlan, Shenzhen got in to a fight over who could read a copy of the Foxconn made newspaper, “Foxconn People” resulting in the death of one of the men!

The incident started on August 15th at lunchime. A work named Ah Hao was reading the company newspaper when he was approached by a coworker who attempted to ‘snatch’ the paper from him. The 2 ended up fighting and were taken to their boss where they lied about the fight and said they were just ‘fooling around’.

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A few days later on the 17th August, Wang, the coworker who attempted to steal the newspaper, and his 2 brothers found Ah Hao at Foxconn pool hall where they tried to extort 500 Yuan ($78) from him. Ah Hao refused to pay, so was stabbed 4 times by two of the brothers!

foxconn factory stabbing
The Foxconn factory in Shenzhen where the murder took place

Paramedics were only called to the scene of the attack in the morning, hours after Ah Hao had been stabbed, and obviously to late to save the mans life.

Foxconn’s response to the attack is to print more free newspapers to prevent a shortage and fighting in the future!




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