Chinese Game Developers Battle Against Online Game Addiction

Chinese game dev's battling gaming addiction, Tencent, Shanda, Netease, Changyou and Giant Interactive have joined together and launched a new “Parental Supervision System” to help concerned parents wean their children off online games.

China’ s online gaming market has increased 39% since 2008 making game developers record earnings. Unfortunately the game developers success has also created a number of social problems, one of which is online game addiction.

Parent’s of addicted children have called out to developers to help them monitor their children’s online actions, and quite surprisingly the developers have got together and have done just that.

Online game makers have set up help pages for worried parents which help provide information on how to properly supervise their children.

Parents can call a help line to report and register their children’s game accounts. If they find their children are addicted to a game, and once a parent’s report is verified, the game developer will limit the child’s access to  games or stop providing service to them all together.

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