A reminder as to why HP are leaving the hardware game!

I didn’t realise it was upon us, nor that it existed, but apparently today is World Consumers Day! To celebrate this long overlooked day of celebration, one Chinese netizen decided to post a video of himself destroying his faulty HP Netbook.

Video after the jump!

The tiny HP DV20002154 was purchased on Feb 2007 and within 3 months had motherboard problems, which HP replaced under warranty, in fact they replaced 3 more mother boards in the same warranty period!! However, when it went in for its 4th replacement (why didn’t they just give the guy a new computer?) he was told that the computer was out of warranty and would have to pay 3000RMB (around $400). Obviously unhappy with the news he called the HP hotline where he was told the problems he had encountered were ‘normal’ and he would have to pay to get it fixed!

Like any rather irate customer the gentleman wandered in to the nearest HP after service center and silently went postal on his computer, literally tearing it to pieces!

This video was actually recorded 8 months ago, but has generated alot of interest in the Chinese media partly because of today’s holiday and also due to 170 consumers sighing a formal file of complaint last week, which highlighted quality problems with a number of HP products and services.

The China product-quality agency is currently investigating.

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