Server Workaround For Twitter Already Blocked In China!

Chinese twitter
Hack to access Twitter in China now blocked

Tech blog from both Internationally and in China posted exciting news yesterday of a server workaround which allows users in China to access Twitter! Unfortunaltly the hack has already been blocked!Despite Twitter being blocked in China since 2009 and strong competition from local sites such as Sina’s Weibo, Chinese based Twitter users have grown, with users accessing their accounts via proxy or VPN.

Yesterday a micro blogger on Weibo posted details on how he had managed to access Twitter’s servers via the mobile sites IP address.

The steps simply required users to go to:

Gizchina News of the week

  1. Visit this URL
  2. Accept the security exception.
  3. Happily use Twitter without a Proxy or VPN

Whats more the workaround even sent Chinese users to a Tradtional Chinese or Simplified Chinese version of the social networking site.

Twitter server blocked in China
Even with a proxy tha hack seems to be down

However, it didn’t take long for the Chinese government to catch wind of what was going on and block the hack. Pointing your browser at the above URL will now no longer allow access to the Twitter mobile service. Even if you use a proxy it seems the URL has ceased to work anyway.

Looks like were back to using VPN’s and Proxy’s to access our favourite little bird from now on!

Via: Thenextweb and Penn-olson

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