Apple Store at Peking Uni Upsets Students.

peking university library apple store
Peking University Apple Store upsets students due to lack of discounts.

Apple have really hit the hearts, minds and imaginations of the Chinese public, more so than any Western company so far! but opening an Apple retail store right inside a University Library might be going a little far.

The Apple store, which is currently undergoing construction, is planned to open later this year right in the sacred halls of Peking University.

Obviously opening the store in the uni is going to generate some income for the school, but many of the students attending believe that Apple has crossed the line and are ‘invading their sacred space’.

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peking university apple store
Student at Peking University are upset overplanned Apple store

On further investigation it seems that students are more upset by the prospect of having to pay full prices for Apple gadgets:

“It’s totally against the spirit and environment of the library,” a student surnamed Chen was quoted as saying on Wednesday.
“Apple should have discounts or give-back activities if they want self-promotion, other than introducing this commercial thing into a sacred place like this,”

So Apple if you want to invade students sacred learning spaces at Chinese unis the students are totally cool with it as long as they get a discount and/or free stuff!

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