Foxconn’s Lost iPhone 5 Prototype

iphone 5 stolen from Foxconn China
iPhone 5 is rumoured to have been stolen by a Chinese iPhone case factory


News out of Shenzhen claims that someone at Foxconn’s Futian plant has ‘lost’ an iPhone 5 prototype, which was then sold to a factory making iPhone cases!

iPhone 5 Stolen From Foxconn By Chinese iPhone Case Factory?

Apple and Foxconn are having trouble keeping hold of yet another iPhone prototype. In this case the missing phone is an iPhone 5 which is said to have been disguised as the current iPhone 4.

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The rumour suggest that a Foxconn worker was paid 20,000 Yuan ($3100) to loose the iPhone 5 prototype, which features a new teardrop designed body, by a factory making iPhone cases, which explains the sudden surge of iPhone 5 cases currently flooding the market.


The lost iPhone 5 is said to be the final version of the model with a new chassis and electronics, but surprisingly is meant to still use the current generation Apple A4 chip and has the same amount of RAM as the current iPhone 4!

Apple have apparently wiped the device using a ‘kill switch’ which also unfortunately fried the GPS meaning the Cupertino giant are unable to locate the stolen design.

The new iPhone 5 is meant to launch next month and is likely to feature a tear drop design similar to the current Macbook Air design, a larger screen, faster CPU and better cameras.

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