iOS 5 Coming 12th October: Details

ios 5 features and launch date
iOS 5 might just keep me from buying an iPhone 4S


So maybe you were expecting an iPhone 5 to be announced, or perhaps an iPad 3, or even an iPod touch 5, well unlucky for you as all you got was an iPhone 4s, however at least we know when iOS 5 is coming to our iDevices.

iOS 5 (which some of us have already been using) is coming to the current iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2 on October 12th.

While we may not get all the new feature the iPhone 4S has such as Siri voice reminder, faster CPU and 8 mega-pixel rear camera the iPhone 4S has, we will benefit from some great new iOS 5 features such as:


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Free instant messaging service to iOS users over Wi-fi, which will probably also connect with iChat for Mac’s in the near future.

Notification Center

A drop down notification center (much like Androids)

Lock screen short-cuts

Double tap the home button to find an instant on camera button, and slide specific message and email icons for them to directly open up.


Free online storage, instant photo streaming to your mac and iDevice, easy backups.

Improved camera options

Physical shutter button on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Turn on the camera and use the + volume button to take photos. Grid lines is also an option for iOS 5 users.

Split keyboard on iPad and iPad 2

iOS 5 will let iPad users split there virtual keyboard in two for easy thumb typing action!

Lots more!

iOS 5 will bring so much to current iPhone 4’s, iPad’s and iPad 2’s that were not really sure if the few updated features on the iPhone 4S are worth spending the money on for the upgrade!

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