iPhone 5’s Rear Camera Costs Just $9!

rear camera iphone 5
Rear camear for the iPhone 5

In a rather surprising email we’ve discovered the prices for both the front and rear camera’s of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 along with pricing for the iPhone 5’s proximity sensor and internal audio cable!

We get a fair few emails here at Gizchina, some of them are from long lost relatvies in Cambodia with $x million to leave to us, other emails are from you, our awesome readers, and others still are from companies selling spare parts for the iPhone 5!

iphone 5 lead mall parts
The email also had details of iPhone 4 and 3GS parts

We just received the email below from www.lead-mall.com, a Chinese supplier of iPhone parts, who claim to be selling iPhone 5 parts.

Not only do they claim it, but they even sent photos of the iPhone 5’s front and rear cameras, along with the internal audio cable and proximity sensor complete with pricing!

The iPhone 5’s front camera complete with cables will set you back a bargain $9.

Gizchina News of the week

front camera iphone 5
Front camera for the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5’s claimed rear 8 mega-pixel camera is also being sold at $9.

rear camera iphone 5
Rear camear for the iPhone 5

A proximity sensor for the iPhone 5 is a little cheaper at only $5.

Proximity sensor for iPhone 5But the most expensive part on the list was the internal audio cable/ribbon for the iPhone 5 which is a cool $10!

audio cable iphone 5
Audio cable for the iPhone 5

So here’s your chance to stock up on iPhone 5 parts before the rush starts!

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