Lenovo Posts Pricing For ThinkPad Tablets: Verdict Buy One in HK

thinkpad honeycomb tablet prices
Lenovo releases pricing for ThinkPad tablets

Lenovo’s Android tablet melee continues this week with the Chinese electronics giant posting planned prices for the business class ThinkPad Honeycomb tablets.

But looking at the list prices we think we’ll grab one in HongKong.

The Lenovo ThinkPad range and Android tablets are aimed at business users in mind, and as such come in a classy business-like design, sporting powerful hardware and the latest Honeycomb OS, however the prices for the Chinese mainland are a bit ridiculous!

A 10-inch Tegra 2 ThinkPad with 16GB of storage will cost Chinese consumers an incredible 5999 Yuan ($940) while the same tablet in HongKong is priced at a far more reasonable 3998 Yuan ($626).

The same can be said for the 32GB which is priced at 6999 Yuan and 64Gb at 7999 Yuan which can both be bought cheaper in HK.

Let’s hope these prices for the LeOS UI devices are a hiccough in Lenovo’s marketing system.

Via: Engadget.cn

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