Meizu MX Where Are You?

meizu mx quad core with iphone 4 looks
New leaked images of the quad core Meizu MX. 4 inch screen and iPhone 4 styling


Well the Chinese National October Holiday is over and people all across the country are heading back to work, among them we hope the Meizu marketing team are joining them as they seem to have forgotten they were meant to launch the next generation Meizu Android phone this week!

Gizchina News of the week

Meizu have a reputation of offering launch date, specifications, promises, only to ‘forget’, take them back or completely ignore.

This past National Day Holiday in China was no exception, as 1st October, the first day of the national vacation was meant to have been the release date for the Meizu MX Android phone.

The MX is supposed to be a 4-inch screened Android smart phone which will feature either a dual-core or quad-core CPU. In face when (if) the Meizu MX finally becomes available it may well be the worlds first Quad-core smart phone!

But, where is it?

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