Chinese College Girl Offer 5 Nights of Sex for iPhone 4!

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A chat log  between a college freshman girl and a man has gone viral across the Internet in China. The exchange between the two revlolved around the girl willing to sleep with the stranger for 5 night as long as he would give her the money for an iPhone 4!

The chat, part of which you can see below was discovered and posted online by the girl’s (ex?) boyfriend.


chinese college girl,sex for iphone 4,chinese apple,apple in china

This is not the first time that young Chinese have gotten a little carried away with their love of Apple products. Earlier this year a 19 year old girl offered to trade her virginity for an iPhone 4, while a boy from Anhui sold one of his kidneys to pay for an iPhone and an iPad!

You can see the full translated transcript of the chat over at China Blog!

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