White iPhone 5 Spotted in Chinese Market!

iphone 5 leaked photos,iphone 5 details,iphone 5 release dateApple’s secretive hold over their latest generation devices has slipped again! As we have spotted a whole bunch of new iPhone 5 phones complete with new packaging!

The new iPhone 5, doesn’t look all that new to us! In fact it looks a lot like the iPhone 4S (which is identical to the iPhone 4).


iPhone 5 design

Apple seem to have changed the construction of the new iPhone 5 and have now opted for a very lightweight plastic construction, rather than the glass/alloy sandwich of old.

iphone 5 leaked photos,iphone 5 details,iphone 5 release dateThe iPhone 5 has a new home button design, which doesn’t sit flush with the body but rather protrudes a little. We had a quick press of the button and found it to have a distinctive ‘click’ feel, almost like the trigger of a child’s toy!


iPhone 5 marks return to physical media!

Although you may think Apple have been idle on the design of the new iPhone 5, you would be clearly very wrong. As you can see in the new iPhone 5 packaging, Apple are shipping the next generation iPhone with 6 game discs!

Gizchina News of the week

iphone 5 case leak,the iphone 5,iphone 5,new iphone leakApple seems to have dropped the idea of the App Store and downloadable content, and are returning back to physical media discs to provide additional function and games to the next generation iPhone!


iPhone 5 totally wireless!

Speaking of the packaging, the new iPhone 5 packaging is really fitting of Apple’s commitment to the environment. There is very little in the way of protection on the iPhone 5’s packaging, with only a single cardboard piece protecting the back and a vacuum formed cover over the front.

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iphone 5 leak,iphone 5 leaked,iphone 5 leaks,iphone 5 details,iphone 5 leaked photosThere are no chargers or USB cables in the packaging and upon asking we were told that this iPhone 5 is totally wireless and doesn’t use a battery!

As with all Apple products the iPhone 5 has received all the correct government safety standards, as we can see a CE mark, Warning signs next to the “made in China” stamp!


iPhone 5 Price

iphone 5 leaked photos,iphone 5 leaked,the iphone 5,Surprisingly the vendor of these white iPhone 5’s said they were very easy to get hold of and is selling them for as little as $2!!

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