Android ICS 4.0 Coming To Meizu M9 March Beta Testing In the Works

meizu m9 android 4.0 update,meizu m9 spotted running ICS,ics on meizu m9,android ics meizu m9,ice-cream sandwich on meizu m9When the Meizu MX launched at the beginning of this year, Meizu M9 owners started to panic at the prospect of drop support for their first generation Meizu Android devices, but Meizu have made it clear they are planning to support the M9 for a little longer and are currently testing ICS on the smartphone.

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The Meizu M9 runs a 1GHz CPU with a very attractive HD touchscreen, so it would have been a real shame if Meizu had decided not to port Ice-cream Sandwich to the phone.

According to beta testing, and the video below, Android 4.0 runs very well on the slightly dated hardware of the M9, however there are reports that ICS drains the battery a little faster than normal!

Meizu M9 Running ICS video

The current ICS ROM for the M9 is only for internal use at the moment (until it gets leaked) with the first official release ROM billed for March this year.


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