Apple B28 Will Be Wednesday’s “one more thing”

siri on the ipad 3 and apple tv to be announcediPad 3 rumors are still the topic of the moment on most websites, with most speculating that the new iPad will end up being an updated iPad 2 rather than all new iPad 3, however what else do Apple have up their sleeves for Wednesday?

March 7th is going to see the announcement of the next iPad. We think it will be an iPad 2S and doubt there will be an iPad mini, where as elsewhere they believe the new Apple tablet will be an iPad 3.

What we all agree on however is that the new iPad will be slightly thick than the current iPad 2, will come in the same storage options (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) and (thankfully) the same price points as the current iPad 2.

It is also looking like the new iPad will get a Retina display, better battery life, faster (dual core?) Apple 5X cpu and better rear camera, possible an 8 mega pixel shooter similar to the iPad 4S’s camera.

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But what else?

ipad 3 xray shows larger batterys
Xray image of the iPad 3 shows larger batterys Via: MicGadget

But Apple won’t just be launching the new iPad on Wednesday! It looks like the company will be releasing an update Apple TV with A5X CPU and newer features, but keeping to the low low price of $99.

Most excitingly of all though is the rumor that Apple have kept the lid on another product (feature) codenamed ‘B28’ which relates to Siri!

Nothing is known at this stage as to what ‘B28’ refers to, and what it is, but we believe it could be the inclusion of Siri, Apple’s talking assistant, on to the latest iPad and even possibly on the new Apple TV!

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Siri on the iPad 3 (iPad 2S!!!) and the new A5X equipped Apple TV sounds pretty awesome to us!

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more!

Image via: MicGadget

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