Xiaomi Considered a 13 mega-pixel camera for the Xiaomi M2!

I’m quiet impressed by the rear 8 mega-pixel camera on the Xiaomi M2, but some Chinese Xiaomi fans have taken it up with Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi to find out why the Chinese phone company did use something with a little more ommph!

Chinese Xiaomi fans took to China’s Twitter platform, Weibo, this weekend to question Xiaomi’s CEO over the company’s choice in rear camera. Surprisingly Lei Jun replied, and with a rather good reason the new quad-core M2 has an 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

According to Lei Jun Xiaomi did have a play around with a 13 mega-pixel rear camera in the M2, but they were not happy with the image quality current 13 mega-pixel rear cameras suitable for phone produced.

Our initial plan to use, but the current 13 million-pixel camera technology is relatively new, the quality is not good enough, we tangled a few months, and finally, reluctantly part. Camera, or quality important. This time, regardless of millet or millet 1s, selected the best camera in the same stall inside the picture quality!

Rather than settling for a average camera with 13 mega-pixels, Xiaomi decided to spec the best 8 mega-pixel rear camera they could find that is capable of producing much better images!

I have to say I’m very happy that Xiaomi have taken this very ‘Apple-like’ approach of speccing the very best of current generation hardware in their products rather than getting mediocre next generation hardware which could impair the overall function and feel of the Xiaomi M2.

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