Zopo ZP900 Leader Review Part 2: Zopo ZP900 Leader Camera Test

Here is the second part to my ZOPO ZP900 Leader review! This time around I’ll be looking at the rear camera and sampling some photos taken with the ZP900 Leader’s 8 mega-pixel rear camera!

Zopo, like many other Chinese phone makers, are taking advantage of the signficant price cuts in hardware and have given their Zopo ZP900 leader Android phone a great 8 mega-pixel rear camera, which boasts auto-focus and dual LED flash, along with some great software functions such as face recognition, built-in filters and much more!

I took the Zopo ZP900 Leader with me down to our local marina today, as the sky was blue and the sun shining, so I could snap some photos of the cityscape, along with a few nice close ups of random things I came across while browsing the various coffee shops and stores.


Using the ZOPO ZP900 Leader Camera

zopo zp900 camera options screenshot

If you have used an Android phone before, using the camera on the ZP900 Leader should be a breeze, in fact I would go as far to say it is even easier to use the camera on the ZP900 than many other Android phones I have used.

zopo zp900 leader camera options

The ease of use really comes down to the size of the Zopo ZP900’s large 5.3 inch display, which offers more than enough room to frame your subject while also allowing plenty of finger space for you to flick through the various settings, options and filters without making the screen seemed cramped.


Zopo ZP900 Leader Camera Options

The Zopo ZP900 Leader comes with Android ICS 4.0.4, which means you get some excellent options available to you right out of the box! As with all Android camera phones, there are plenty of manual options for you to get the most out of the 8 mega-pixel rear camera, plus there are a choice of a few built-in filters.

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zopo zp900 leader camera filters built-in

The built-in filters include mono, sepia,negative,aqua, blackboard and whiteboard. While they don’t give quite the same amount of style to your photos as the Instagram app would, they are worthwhile to have as back ups.

zopo zp900 leader hdr camera options

HDR is also on offer with the Zopo ZP900 Leader and is one which I used quite a bit with the photos I took (see below).

Other highlights include face detection, smile shot and panorama options which all work just as you would expect from an Android phone of this calibre (very well!).


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