Xiaomi M2 lottery sales stop! So how do you buy one?

Xiaomi are notorious for their lottery style sales scheme, which has infuriated fans desperate to get their hands on the quad-core Xiaomi M2. But the future looks bright, and Xiaomi are planning to announce an all new method of buying the M2, but what is it?

Up until this week, Xiaomi fans wanting to get their hands on the M2 had to follow these steps:

  1. Join the Xiaomi forum community.
  2. Earn enough member points to qualify for the sales rounds.
  3. Get hold of a sales number.
  4. Wait until sales day to try and bag an M2.

It has been a method Xiaomi have mastered, and a great way to create hype and boast about total sell outs which take just a few minutes! However, it has proven to be a terrible way to keep core fans happy, and the Xiaomi boards are full of unhappy members who just want Xiaomi to take their money and give them their phones!

This would all be about to change though, as new mystery posts from Xiaomi suggest that the Xiaomi M2 wil no longer be available for pre-sale and that a new ‘mystery’ way of buying the phone is about to be announced.

Like many fans, we hope the announcement will give us details of physical stores where we can buy an M2, or at least Xiaomi to make enough stock so that we can buy one at anytime on their online store! But to shroud the announcement in more mystery this Weibo claims that 99% of guesses as to what Xiaomi have up their sleeve are wrong!

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I guess we will have to wait until 10am tomorrow morning to see what they have planned. What are your guesses?

xiaomi m2 sales mystery

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