ZTE Nubia Z5 launch will be 26th December not today! We get Antutu scores as consolation

I’m not one to get overly excited by big brand launches, and tend to root for the underdog (Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo) but ZTE’s Nubia Z5 has really got me interested, which makes news of a delayed launch all the more a disappointment!

Rumour had been circling for weeks that ZTE would finally take the wraps off it’s new Nubia brand and launch the flagship Nubia Z5 today (21st December) with some calling the launch a “Doomsday Launch”, however official word states that we will have to wait until the 26th for confirmed Z5 specs and pricing.

As today’s launch was never officially confirmed, we don’t know to take the announcement as a delay or not, but some Chinese tech sites are suggesting the recent release of the Meizu MX2, which went on sale on the 19th could be to blame. Another, cause could be delays with the Qualcomm S4 CPU which is rumoured to be equipped in the Z5, have put the launch on hold.

Whatever the reason it looks like we are going to have to accept the Nubia Z5 launch as a late Christmas gift from ZTE, and will have to keep our fingers crossed that the rumours (13 mega-pixel camera, 5-inch 1080 display, 2GB RAM, Android Jelly Bean) turn out to be true.

There is one big of good news though, and that is the purported Antutu benchmark for the Nubia Z5. According to sources who have had some time with the 5-inch flagship phablet, the Z5 manages to score an astounding 22,690!

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