iStorage turns your USB thumb drive to a portable wireless cloud storage solution

The iStorage is a compact, lightweight device which can turn your existing USB, SD card or external hard drive in to a portable wireless cloud storage solution.

I actually spotted the iStorage on sale at a local supermarket last night for 900 Yuan ($144). Knowing this was on the high side I located plenty of Taobao sellers who are advertising the little black box of tricks for around 400 Yuan ($64).

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Basically the iStorage is a wireless USB hub which allows you to connect your existing SD card, or USB storage device then share the contents over a local wifi connection. This would come in very handy for sharing photos, video, and even for small group presentations.

istorage portable cloud data

The makers of iStorage, Three States International (Hong Kong) state their device is compatible with Android and iOS devices (although you will need to find an App which allows for downloading on iOS) as well as laptops, PC’s and we imagine even Wifi enabled cameras.

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