Xiaomi Box gets approval! On Sale soon?

Late last year, Beijing based Xiaomi launched their assault on the living room with the Android based Xiaomi TV. Unfortunately, service for the device was suspended due to licensing issues with the content available on the low-cost box and earlier adopters have been stuck with a cheap, but non functioning black box sitting beneath their TV.

But all is not lost as Xiaomi have finally worked out the kinks and have received official regulatory approval! What this means is that the Xiaomi TV can go on sale, but what it doesn’t mean is that they will be easy to get hold of.

The Xiaomi Box will be sold just as the companies phones are, you can only officially buy one through their webstore and only if you manage to “win” a chance to buy one. So while we can look forward the device going on sale, we wouldn’t hold are breath on the chance of getting one anytime soon.

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