Zopo ZP960 the 5-inch 1080HD, quad-core Zopo we have been waiting for!

Zopo ZP960 the 5-inch 1080HD, quad-core Zopo we have been waiting for!


Last week we posted a spy photo of a ‘mystery’ Zopo phone which featured a 5-inch 1080 HD display, quad-core processor and 13 mega-pixel camera. It turns out that the phone is a new model to Zopo and will go on sale as the Zopo ZP960 (there is the possibility another name will be used for international markets).

zopo zp960 rear

The images here are only renders, but we can see that the shape and overall design match the photo we posted here. It also appears that the Zopo ZP960 is a very thin smartphone and looks a lot like the ultra-thin Oppo Finder 3! We can also see that Zopo are going for a narrow bezel design for their 5-inch 1080 phone, which will help the overall appearance, but more importantly the comfort of the phone.

zopo zp960 render

A 2000mAh battery is further proof that Zopo are planning a super thin phone, however we worry just how good battery performance is going to be with a quad-core MT6589 processor on board, and 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display to keep going. Like all current Zopo phone the Zopo ZP960 will support dual-sim and will run Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or 4.2.

The Zopo ZP960 is going to have plenty of rivals when it arrives on sale, and with pricing estimated to be between 1799-1999 Yuan ($288-$321) it is also going to be one of the more expensive Chinese options! However, unlike many Chinese phones the Zopo ZP690 will be available worldwide through their online store, and at a similar price to the Chinese retail price.

What do you think of the Zopo ZP960? Does it’s design and pedigree warrant the higher price, or do you prefer to get your hands on the mighty UMi X2, iOcean X7 or similar? Lets us know in the comments section.

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  • Val

    Simply awesome!! Can’t wait. When is coming out?

    • The details just landed on my desk, knowing Zopo though we won’t have to wait for long 🙂

  • XrainX

    Just add 2mm for another 1000mAh more battery!

    • Let’s see when, and at what price, the ZP960 shows up in the HK stores. Their previous models have shown up priced the same (or lower) in HK dollars than in RMB. This would make the device about the same price as the UMI X2 if it really does come out at HK$1999.

  • Oh wow… that’s one sexy looking device!

  • PeterP

    When are mobile phone manufacturers going to leave ALL branding off the phone. It’s not the late 80’s anymore.
    I personally dislike how companies Samsung, Huawei, ZTE etc plaster their name over the phone or for that matter consumer electronics in general.

    I know it’s a Zopo, I know it’s 13mp camera! It’s not like it’s an apple logo and I need it there to let everyone know I’m hip.

    Is it just me?

    • anon

      Branding is important for any product for numerous reason but they should keep it moderate.

  • kmrc20

    hii andi i think u have made a mistake you have written zopo 690 instead of 960

    • Yup, you are correct I did 😉

      • Marcelino

        Wich website its safe to get Chinese phone?

        • vag

          merimobiles. its a little bit more expensive but its safe

  • Rob

    Any info on RAM/ROM available Andi?

    • Not just yet. Fingers crossed for 2GB RAM 32GB ROM though 🙂

  • Gui mourao

    Hey andy, can you recommend me a TAOBAO agent?

    • Sorry never used one

  • Louis Koo

    Ok men you know, 2000 MAh battery for a 5″ display screen… I wonder why they dont give Customers an additional option for 3000 MAh battery just like what Xiaomi does ?

    • Perhaps they will

  • Rob

    This is what I read on Android-Sale:

    – 1.2GHz MTK MT6589 Quad-core processor
    – 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM
    – 5 inch FHD screen, 1920*1080 pixel display, 440PPI
    – 13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera
    – Android 4.1 OS
    It also mentions a 2500mAh battery.

    If these specs turn out to be true, this is definitly my next phone.

    • Those are damn fine specs !!

      • Rob

        Maybe you can persuade ZOPO to confirm these specs?

    • yep, it looks like gn818t , which i hoped to buy, if it’s 2500mah , i will buy it for the provided price. but on the place of zopo , will be some sticker. because zopo sounds very similar to ‘a*s’ in my language ))))

  • Anuj

    Hey @andi is there any launch date…when should we expect it in market?

    • I haven’t seen mention of one just yet

  • CKY

    Finally a slim China Phone without a protruding camera lens

  • Me

    I hope it will be 5 – 6 mm thick.

  • bas

    Mmmkay, I suppose they ship with Google Apps preinstalled. Since it’s a goodlooking mf as well, this could be my next..!

  • Amby

    Lets just try and find out the release date now! Zopo provides decent quality phones. But if they delay the launch of this phone, most of us will go for umi or Iocean etc.

    • Rob

      I’ve asked them about the release date on their Facebook page. No answer yet. Doubt if I will ever get an answer.

      • Rob

        Some one else asked ZOPO on their Facebook page about a release date too. ZOPO’s answer: Probably May. It’s unclear though which year.:)

  • Anuj

    Hi @andi…Any news about launch now…I’m sorry for repeating the same question…but i am so excited about this phone and only you can reveal the real dates…please update us…i am sure everyone reading this post will fall in love with this phone…lolz..

  • fabiancor

    pero pronto lanzaran con nvidia tegra3

    • Rob

      English please.

  • Val

    This is on Merimobiles

    Good news 🙂
    – MTK6589,Cortex A7 quad core,1.2GHz
    – GPU: PowerVR SGX 544MP
    – Android 4.2
    – 2GB RAM+ 4GB ROM Up to (TF-Card), MAX support 32GB
    – 5.0″ IPS capacitive touch screen FHD 1920*1080 pixels,16000K Colors
    – Camera: Front 5.0 MP Back 13.0 mega pixel supports
    – Battery: 2000mAh

    Bad news 🙁
    – US $399.99

    The other Zopos have the same price as zopomobileshop, but I hope this could be overprice and the real price will be more affordable.

    Source: http://www.merimobiles.com/zopo-zp960-mtk6589-quad-core-5-0-inch-ips-fhd-1920-1080-screen-with-andriod-4-2-1-2ghz-5-0mp-front-camera_p/meri7378.htm

    • Rob

      Don’t believe this is true. 4Gb ROM on a high end phone isn’t enough.

  • Me

    I think there will be a white version, but I would like to see a grey version next to black and white.
    Shiny, like an iPhone but grey.

  • John

    Why pay at least $100 more for a phone that will perform worse than one with a 720P screen when the human eye can’t resolve more than 300 ppi?????

  • Bzzz

    What about the IMEI? It´s legit? It won´t be blocked on some countries who check it?

  • andrew

    Seriously, Chinese phone manufacturers should all produce a least one device over 5.5″ if they are serious about selling off-shore.
    Everyone I have shown my new Huawei 6.1″
    too are amazed by the quality, performance and so importantly, price.
    Figures show for example that more women are buying the Note 2, over men, so size is not an issue.
    Also there is so much marketing hype surrounding LTE or 4g, when 3g data plans are far cheaper. As I have said in previous posts, in Australia our primary 4g network has slowed to such a point where it is only marginally faster and you pay so much more for the service and the phone.

  • pa5t1s

    Latest Zopo C2 and ZP980 look great: nice design (i mean, no more sam-like 🙂 ), promising specs and all.
    But i’m a bit disappointed about the RAM sizes: 1G+4G or 2G+4G is ridiculous.

    BTW, there is still a mystery: the SIM card! On a few sites you can read
    “SIM Card: Single SIM card, micro SIM + standard SIM”… Umm?
    Is it “1 slot for 2 cards” (lol)? or “1 slot, 1 micro-SIM”? or what?
    Does anybody know?

  • geoalbi11

    Hi Andy,

    Was this renamed to ZP980?
    I’ve been using a ZP900 Leader for almost 6 months now and I itch to change it to the new ZP980.
    When can we hope to see a review for it?

    • Yes it’s the ZP980. No plan to review it though sorry

  • gaurav


    -1GB RAM, 16GB ROM

    -13MP Rear, 5MP Front Camera

    -Android4.2 OS

    -MTK MT6589T 1.5Ghz Quad Core Processor