Another Update: UMi prepping UMi Tab 3G tablet? Maybe it’s true after all!

UMi have a lot going on around them at the moment what with the X1s launch, X2 delay and development for the S1, Mini and Max, so have they been putting in the extra hours to also bring us the UMi Tab 3G tablet too?

After posting this article we had a chat with our friends at UMi here in China who have confirmed that UMi are NOT making a tablet! This isn’t to say that UMimobile, the Indian distributors, aren’t planning to rebrand another tablet as a UMi device, but the actual owners of the UMi brand and makers of the X1, X1s and X2 won’t be manufacturing it!

The saga continues as UMi are now handing the following statement out which does mention a tablet!

Announcement for Umi International market

Recently many many news have surfaced the internet, about Umi X2 sale and Umi X2 delay due to technical reasons We at Umi China want to clarify that at present we are soon to start in China & India Market Umi Mobiles Private Limited company is China official representative in India market, registered at New Delhi for selling all UMI products such as Umi X1, X1s,X2 and upcoming tablet or future products.

UMI user please choose carefully. In order to avoid losses due to false information, for India & Asia Markets please note :

UMI Authorized India websites:, &

We at Umi China , will announce on our BBS all our international associates & partners from time to time.

The distributor for UMi phones in India, Umimobile, recently posted the above image of a iPad mini like tablet on their Facebook page, claiming that device is a 3G enabled Android tablet which is scheduled for release later this year.

Specifics weren’t mentioned but the UMi Tab is said to run a quad-core MT6589 quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and cost 8000 INR ($147).

We’re waiting to hear back from UMi regarding this tablet and will let you know what they say. In the meantime we have some friendly advice for UMimobile, why not concentrate on launching the X1s and UMi X2 phones before leaking details of more device? Just a thought.

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