Huawei to leave the US market!

Huawei to leave the US market!


Huawei are one of the largest manufacturers of communications equipment in the world, but with a handful of just released flagship phones ready to hit the market and interest in the company growing, they have made the difficult decision to leave the US market!

The decision has come after allegations from congress accused Huawei of helping China spy on the United States. To fix the damage which those accusations have had on the company’s reputation would take years, and so Huawei have decided to leave the market and concentrate on China and the rest of Asias’s growing smartphone markets.

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  • Tim

    that’s too bad. hard to become #1 in the world without a North American presence. Also too bad because they make some powerful phones and it would be nice to see the Canadian carriers be able to offer something different than just BB, Samsung, Apple & HTC.

  • mannie

    Please tell me. their phones are still coming to europe? want to buy an ascend p2 when it releases

    • Yes, it seems they are 🙂

  • US and their conspiranoic manner of thinking, nothing new.

  • The US Defence lobby industry is vast and terminally corrupt .. whilst the US Government is paranoid in the extreme. So … this is not a great surprise !!

    Let’s hope the US’s loss will be Europe’s gain.

  • Jeff

    I think Huawei was saying that their backbone networking gears are not coming to the U.S., but their consumer products such as phones and tablets are still coming.

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    Good Riddance!!