Rumour: Vivo XPlay will cost $650 in China!

Rumour: Vivo XPlay will cost $650 in China!


The upcoming Vivo Xplay is going to be one of the most powerful and desirable Chinese phones to date, however if these price rumours are true they can keep it!

Vivo are known for stylish design, quirky UI, high-specs and great audio, they aren’t known for being affordable, in fact most would agree they are overpriced!

Tomorrow the Vivo Xplay will be launched in Beijing, and judging by all the reports we have seen it is going to be a killer phone, unfortunately though it will also have a killer price tag! Rumours reported on Chinese site MyDrivers claim the Snapdragon 600, 1080 phone will cost a whopping 3998 Yuan ($650).

Visiting the Vivo website we can see that the Xplay will be offered in 4 different packages the cheapest including a pair of Vivo’s own headphones and Smart Cover, while the most expensive package will include a pair of Bose IE2 headphones.

The Xplay will ship with a 5-inch + 1080 HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7Ghz CPU, 13 mega-pixel rear camera in a thin alloy body.

Vivo Xplay Vs Lenovo K900 Vs Oppo Find 5

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  • joe

    Wow is that it? I’m getting 4.

  • Ettore

    Lenovo K900 is Single-sim

  • totzi11

    650$ chinese phone? WTF!!
    Sorry, but I prefer the Oppo 5. 170$ less… Same (rear) camera, 2gb ram, same gpu, same 1080 screen… no doubt.
    And with the other 170$ I can buy a Neo N003 jejejee

  • Lexey

    well thats a quite 2 much .. i better add lil bit and buy either htc or sony …. 450$ would be good but def not 650 ..

  • Ramunator

    Hi Andi,

    could you compare vivo xplay in review with Vega Iron? Those two phones I think can compete with galaxy s4, is there any more options to compare ?

  • MrPsanter

    This is about the price of a Galaxy S4… Is somebody that stupid to go for this Vivo crap?

  • naman

    Andy plz help me out.
    Umi x2 or jiayu g4. I m confused. Whn these phones will be available in indian stores.
    and what about iocean x7?
    Plz rply soon