What is MHL?

MHL aka Mobile High-Definition Link, comes as standard on many smartphones and tablets, but what is MHL? Find out here.

What is MHL?

MHL is basically an industry standard for connecting your smartphone or tablet to your HDTV (High Definition TV). MHL was first shown off at CES in 2008 as Mobile High-Definition Link. By 2010 The MHL Consortium made up of Sony, Samsung, Nokia and others was announced.

What does MHL do?

The main purpose of MHL when built-in to a Smartphone or tablet is to connect the device to your HDTV. This allows you to watch video, play games, browse the web and interact with other applications through your phone on your TV.

MHL Features

As well as the main feature of displaying content on your TV, MHL also charges your device from the televisions power source while simultaneously playing content. As for contact MHL is designed to support 1080p video at 60FPS and 8 channel 7.1 surround sound audio.

What can I use MHL for?

The main uses of MHL are to play uncompressed 1080 HD video from your device to your TV, however you can also show photo slide shows, play games, browse the web or even make use a great apps such as the BBC iPlayer on your TV!

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